Author(s): André Gombay

Print ISBN: 9780631233459

Online ISBN: 9780470774267

DOI: 10.1002/9780470774267


"A remarkably fresh, graceful, and learned tour through a Cartesian landscape it reveals as at once familiar and new, this limpidly clear and thoughtful book is a must not only for students of Descartes but for anyone who wants to see what the fuss was (and is) about."
Calvin Normore, UCLA

"A wonderfully lucid and unconventional tour of the Meditations that engages the reader in its most famous arguments and intriguing thoughts. It makes the work come alive for the novice while challenging scholars with new and surprising vistas and problems."
Lilli Alanen, University of Uppsala, Sweden

"Refreshingly different from the standard introduction to Descartes. Gombay wears his extensive learning lightly. His direct and personal approach makes the famous Cartesian themes really come alive."
Annette Baier, University of Pittsburgh Emeritus