Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology: A First Course

Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology: A First Course

Author(s): Fabio Sani, John Todman

Print ISBN: 9781405100236

Online ISBN: 9780470776124

DOI: 10.1002/9780470776124


"This text helps to bring the research process alive and will clearly prove invaluable to all undergraduate students of psychology. The authors cleverly illustrate the progression in psychological research from hypothesis-formation to research design and finally to data analysis in a unique and informative manner."
Simon Dymond PhD., undergraduate research methods instructor, University of Wales, Swansea <!--end-->

"This will serve best as a reference book to support undergraduate teaching and as a useful companion to have on hand on introductory level methods classes. It provides first and second year psychology students with a well-grounded grasp of the basics. A well-written and long awaited text that bridges the gap between experimental design and statistical analysis."
Psychology Reaching Review

"Lively, friendly, amusing and lucid, this is an excellent introduction to experimental design and statistics which provides the clear yet informative explanations that most readers prefer. I would certainly recommend it to my students."
Colin Gray, University of Aberdeen & co- author of 'SPSS 12 Made Simple'

"This text maintains a wonderful balance of conceptual and practical focus. After each statistical test, the authors demonstrate its use in a hypothetical research study...I would recommend that anyone who teaches or takes a course in survey sampling theory and methods obtain a copy of this book" David R. Bellhouse, The American Statistician, August 2007, Vol. 61, No. 3