Wittgenstein: Meaning and Judgement

Wittgenstein: Meaning and Judgement

Author(s): Michael Luntley

Print ISBN: 9781405102414

Online ISBN: 9780470776223

DOI: 10.1002/9780470776223


"The largely moribund state of current Wittgenstein scholarship ought to be radically changed for the better by this conspicuously interesting and insightful book." Alan Thomas, Philosophical Books

"Michael Luntley offers a striking interpretation of Wittgenstein's philosophy, one aimed at displaying and defending Wittgenstein's positive contribution in the later work. The result is a theory of the conditions for the possibility of intentionality, a theory that identifies the subject as agent in the world with that condition. Powerfully argued, this interesting and original treatment of Wittgenstein's later philosophy raises a challenge for all of us who find a social dimension in Wittgenstein's account of intentionality and normativity." Meredith Williams, The Johns Hopkins University <!--end-->

"Luntley provides an intriguing discussion of Wittgenstein's early work, arbitrating judiciously between realist readings that emphasise the place of reference in its account of language, and non-realist readings that emphasise inference." Daniel Whiting, University of Reading, Philosophical Investigations 28/4, October 2005