The Sacred Desert: Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture

The Sacred Desert: Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture

Author(s): David Jasper

Print ISBN: 9781405119740

Online ISBN: 9780470776490

DOI: 10.1002/9780470776490


"One of the really significant things about this work is how widely Jasper ranges in his exploration of the spiritual meaning of the desert. He considers classic religious sources that have focused their attention on the desert ideal... But he also explores the works of a range of artists, poets, writers, and filmmakers... The result is a playful, interdisciplinary rumination upon the myriad ways the desert has shaped and continues to shape - often by undermining expectations of meaning - the religions imagination. Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates and above; general readers."

"The Sacred Desert is a marvellous and truly integral conjunction of seemingly every dimension of that ultimate desert which is at once our deepest beginning and our deepest ending. Theological and poetic at once, and critical and historical simultaneously, it offers us a vicarious voyage into our most ultimate ground, a ground beyond God but nontheless embodying the totality of the Godhead. If that Godhead is an absolute nothingness, it is a truly actual nothingness, and most actual for us in that desert which is here so powerfully and so comprehensively evoked." Thomas Altizer, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at the State University of New York and Stony Brook

"The Sacred Desert provides a journey into the innermost core of the self--where the soul stands alone before an unknown God, who is both darkness and light. David Jasper has written a magnificent theological reflection on the depth of spiritual meaning sought and found by desert pilgrims in literature, art, film, history, and sacred scripture. A tour de force!"
David Klemm, University of Iowa