In Kant's Wake: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

In Kant's Wake: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

Author(s): Tom Rockmore

Print ISBN: 9781405125703

Online ISBN: 9780470776575

DOI: 10.1002/9780470776575


"...there is no other book of comparable length offering such comprehensive coverage of 20th-century philosophy. The book is also well written, interesting, and packed with information about the development of philosophy in the last century." D. Haugen, Choice

"In Kant's Wake is a brilliant book. It brings the story of contemporary philosophy back to its roots in Kant's Copernican revolution, reminding us of the importance of knowing our past." Angelica Nuzzo, Brooklyn College

"Rockmore has written a clear, concise, and compelling account of twentieth-century philosophy, focusing on two rich interpretations of Kant's thought in order to illuminate four major twentieth-century movements. In Kant's Wake makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the intellectual currents of the last century as it inspires us to think about the future of Western philosophy." Mitchell Aboulafia, Pennsylvania State University