Theology and Families

Theology and Families

Author(s): Adrian Thatcher

Print ISBN: 9781405152747

Online ISBN: 9780470776681

DOI: 10.1002/9780470776681


"In what will surely become a standard work, Adrian Thatcher provides a Trinitarian theology of families and children which addresses the question: 'How may the resources of Christian faith and practice contribute to the thriving of families, and in particular, of children?' ... Each discussion is full of wisdom and practical insight, and engages in constructive criticism with contemporary authors from across the theological spectrum ... A very fine book, well written, and very timely." Church Times <!--end-->

"A dense, scholarly text, carefully argued and meticulously researched." The Way

"This book is a preferential option for and a theological liberation of children. No one interested in children and their parents in a time of changing family structure should miss it. It is scholarly yet readable by a wide audience, thought provoking, and it offers clear direction for the future. A master theologian goes to the heart of one of the most universal, and most neglected, issues of our day." Michael G Lawler, Creighton University

"This volume is carefully constructed, well documented, comprehensive and in general excellent. The combination of the doctrinal tradition (e.g. the Trinity and baptism) with expertise in contemporary thought on social issues ( e.g. children's rights, issues of choosing childlessness and step-families) is impressive. Adrian Thatcher explores a wide range of theological positions from the far right to the far left, dealing knowledgeably with such complex issues as the sexual exploitation of children and the churches' roles in the promotion of pro-family policies. The study deserves to become a standard work of reference." George Newlands, Glasgow University

"An outstanding contribution to theological debate on families and children … that combines the expertise of an eminent theologian and the experience of a loving parent."
Theological Book Review

"Thatcher … always pays careful attention both to social scientific evidence and to biblical evidence … overall blend is distinctive … a book to buy."
Journal of Theological Studies

"A rich and thought provoking book that engages theologically with a host of facets of contempory family life." Journal of Contempory Religion