Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy

Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy

Editor(s): Martin Prutton, Mohamed M. El Gomati

Published Online: 18 JAN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470866771

Online ISBN: 9780470866795

DOI: 10.1002/9780470866795

About this Book

This eagerly-awaited volume has been edited by two academic researchers with extensive and reputable experience in this field. Emphasis is given to the underlying science of the method of Auger microscopy, and its instrumental realization, the visualization and interpretation of the data in the sets of the images that form the output of the measurements and the methods used to quantify the images. Imaging artefacts in Auger microscopy and methods to correct them are also detailed. The authors describe the technique of Multi-Spectral Auger Microscopy (MULSAM) and demonstrate its advantages in mapping complex multi-component surfaces. The book concludes with an outlook for the future of Auger microscopy.

Table of contents