Weight-of-evidence for Forensic DNA Profiles

Weight-of-evidence for Forensic DNA Profiles

Author(s): David J. Balding

Published Online: 12 MAY 2009

Print ISBN: 9780470867648

Online ISBN: 9780470867693

DOI: 10.1002/9780470867693

Series Editor(s): Vic Barnett

About this Book

Assessing Weight-of-Evidence for DNA Profiles is an excellent introductory text to the use of statistical analysis for assessing DNA evidence.  It offers practical guidance to forensic scientists with little dependence on mathematical ability as the book includes background information on statistics - including likelihood ratios - population genetics, and courtroom issues.

The author, who is highly experienced in this field, has illustrated the book throughout with his own experiences as well as providing a theoretical underpinning to the subject.  It is an ideal choice for forensic scientists and lawyers, as well as statisticians and population geneticists with an interest in forensic science and DNA.

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