Aquaculture Biotechnology

Aquaculture Biotechnology

Editor(s): Garth L. Fletcher, Matthew L. Rise

Published Online: 15 NOV 2011 09:30AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780813810287

Online ISBN: 9780470963159

DOI: 10.1002/9780470963159

About this Book

This important book looks at a broad spectrum of biotech research efforts and their applications to the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture Biotechnology provides key reviews that look at the application of genetic, cellular, and molecular technologies to enable fish farmers to produce a more abundant, resilient, and healthier supply of seafood. Aquaculture Biotechnology is divided into seven sections and nineteen chapters that cover topics ranging from broodstock improvement to fish health and gene transfer. With chapters provided by leading researchers and skillfully edited by top scientists in the field, this will be a valuable tool to researchers, producers, and students interested in better understanding this dynamic field of aquaculture.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Broodstock Improvement

    1. Chapter 2

      Advances in Genomics and Genetics of Penaeid Shrimp (pages 21–42)

      Javier Robalino, Robert W. Chapman, Enrique de la Vega, Nuala A. O'Leary, Danielle M. Gorbach, Zhi-Qiang Du, Max F. Rothschild, Craig L. Browdy, Gregory W. Warr and Yannick Labreuche

  2. Part 2: Molecular Cytogenetics

  3. Part 3: Fish Health

  4. Part 4: Viral Pathogens and Diseases

  5. Part 5: Embryogenesis and Stem Cells

  6. Part 6: Gene Transfer

  7. Part 7: Cryopreservation

  8. Part 8: Environmental Considerations

  9. Part 9: Ethical Issues

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