Schizophrenia: Current Science and Clinical Practice

Schizophrenia: Current Science and Clinical Practice

Editor(s): Wolfgang Gaebel

Print ISBN: 9780470710548

Online ISBN: 9780470978672

DOI: 10.1002/9780470978672

Series Editor(s): Helen Herrman


"Professor Gaebel and contributing authors are to be congratulated for this outstanding text."  (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 6 June 2012)

"Nonetheless, Schizophrenia: Current Science and Clinical Practice will be an asset to those who are seeking a current and sophisticated synthesis of the field, combined with stimulating discussions of some pivotal controversies in both research and treatment. Gaebel has assembled a distinguished group of contributors who are more than up to the task of grappling with the challenge of discerning the implications of cutting-edge research for clinical intervention." (PsycCRITIQUES, 11 January 2012)


"I am not in a position to comment on most chapters, as I am not an expert in those fields, but all I can say is that I learnt a lot and that the book provided me with a good overview on different aspects of what we commonly call schizophrenia." (Acta Psychiatr Scandinavica, 2012)

"The first chapter is an excellent and factual review of the diagnosis and classification systems that highlights the major validity issues. . .This new book is useful and current." (Doody's, 30 September 2011)

"The book will be of interest to psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropharmacologists, researchers in psychiatry and psychopharmacology, and clinical and behavioral neuroscientists." (Book News, 1 August 2011)