Textbook of Hemophilia

Textbook of Hemophilia

Editor(s): Christine A. Lee, Erik E. Berntorp, W. Keith Hoots, Louis M. Aledort

Published Online: 4 OCT 2007

Print ISBN: 9781405127691

Online ISBN: 9780470987124

DOI: 10.1002/9780470987124

About this Book

Product Information

About The Product

The only up-to-date definitive reference source on hemophilia

This book is an invaluable resource that provides an overview of all aspects of the care of patients with haemophilia.

Covering how to assess both bleeding children and adults, Haemophilia A and B, molecular basis of the disease, the role of factors in coagulation, epidemiology, pharmacokinetics, and treatment of inhibitors. There will also be a section on musculoskeletal aspects of haemophilia as well as newer developments such as gene therapy and rare bleeding disorders.

Textbook of Hemophilia is ideal for:

  • Trainees and residents in hematology
  • Hematologists in practice
  • Specialists working in thrombosis and hemostasis as well as transfusion medicine

Why Buy This Book?

The only up-to-date definitive reference source on hemophilia

  • Essential for all those managing hemophilia patients
  • Detailed guidance on assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment
  • Advice for everyday clinical questions
  • Edited by three of the world's leading experts on hemophilia

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Hemophilia A

    1. Chapter 7

      Prophylaxis (pages 39–45)

      H. Marijke Van Den Berg and Kathelijn Fischer

  3. Part III: Inhibitors to Factor VIII

  4. Part IV: Acquired Hemophilia

  5. Part V: Hemophilia B

  6. Part VI: Pharmacokinetics of Factors VIII and IX

  7. Part VII: Pediatrics

  8. Part VIII: Products Used to Treat Hemophilia

  9. Part IX: Musculoskeletal

  10. Part X: Transfusion-Transmitted Disease

  11. Part XI: Gene Therapy

  12. Part XII: Laboratory

  13. Part XIII: Obstetrics and Gynecology

  14. Part XIV: Von Willebrand Disease

  15. Part XV: Treatment of Von Willebrand Disease

  16. Part XVI: Rare Bleeding Disorders

    1. Chapter 56

      Factor XIII (pages 328–331)

      Hans H. Brackmann and Vytautas Ivaskevicius

  17. Part XVII: Quality of Life

  18. Part XVIII: Economics

  19. Part XVIV: Comprehensive Care and Delivery of Care

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    1. You have free access to this content