Evidence-based Neurology: Management of Neurological Disorders

Evidence-based Neurology: Management of Neurological Disorders

Editor(s): Livia Candelise, Richard Hughes, Alessandro Liberati, Bernard M.J. Uitdehaag, Charles Warlow

Published Online: 12 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9780727918116

Online ISBN: 9780470988350

DOI: 10.1002/9780470988350

About this Book

In Evidence-based Neurology: Management of Neurological Disorders a carefully selected group of clinically experienced collaborators use the best available evidence to answer more than 100 clinical questions about the treatment and management of neurological disorders.

Divided into three sections and 24 chapters, this book

  • fills the gap between guidelines and primary studies as well as between primary and secondary scientific medical literature
  • summarizes the most recent and important findings on treatments for neurological patients
  • measures the benefit and, when applicable, the risk of harm inherent in specific neurological interventions.

This unique, evidence-based text, edited by members of the Cochrane Neurological Network will be an essential resource for all general neurologists, from the novice to the most experienced, in their everyday clinical practice.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Introduction

  2. Part 2: Neurological Symptoms/Problems

    1. Chapter 7

      Neuropathic Pain (pages 47–58)

      Giorgio Cruccu, Nadine Attal and Rod Taylor

    2. Chapter 10

      Cognitive Rehabilitation of Non-progressive Neuropsychological Disorders (pages 79–88)

      Stefano F Cappa, Thomas Benke, Stephanie Clarke, Bruno Rossi, Brigitte Stemmer and Caroline M van Heugten

    3. Chapter 12

      Background to Neurorehabilitation (pages 100–109)

      Kathryn McPherson, Paula Kersten and Lynne Turner-Stokes

  3. Part 3: Neurological Diseases

    1. Chapter 18

      Epilepsy (pages 173–183)

      Sridharan Ramaratnam and Anthony Marson

    2. Chapter 19

      Dementia Treatment: Let the Evidence Lead us (pages 184–198)

      Bart M. Demaerschalk, Bryan K. Woodruff and Richard J. Caselli

    3. Chapter 20

      Parkinson's Disease (pages 199–220)

      Miguel Coelho, Joaquim Ferreira and Cristina Sampaio

    4. Chapter 23

      Peripheral Nerve Disorders (pages 244–257)

      Richard Hughes, Eva L. Feldman and Jeremy D.P. Bland

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