The Fifth Decade of Cardiac Pacing

The Fifth Decade of Cardiac Pacing

Editor(s): S. Serge Barold, Jacques Mugica

Published Online: 12 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9781405116442

Online ISBN: 9780470988404

DOI: 10.1002/9780470988404

About this Book

While bringing into focus the major advances in cardiac pacing over the last 5-6 years this book places particular emphasis on new techniques for the treatment of congestive heart failure. Other topics include new and unusual indications for pacemakers, the clinical aspects of expanding pacemaker memory and stored electrograms in the diagnosis of arrhythmias, automatic mode switching, the pacemaker/ICD interface, complex pacemaker electrocardiography and advances in pacemaker follow-up. This book will be a valuable resource for those involved in the care of patients with implanted devices.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Implantation and Explantation

    1. Chapter 3

      Unusual Indications for Cardiac Pacing (pages 32–43)

      Chu-Pak Lau,, Hung-Fat Tse, Kathy Lai-Fun Lee and S. Serge Barold

  2. Part II: Multisite Pacing in Heart Failure

    1. Chapter 6

      Multisite Pacing for Heart Failure: From Electrophysiology to Hemodynamics (pages 61–75)

      Luigi Padeletti, Alessandra Sabini, Cristina Tosti Guerra, Andrea Colella, Gabriele Demarchi, Paolo Pieragnoli, Antonio Michelucci and Maria Cristina Porciani

    2. Chapter 9

      Arrhythmias of Biventricular Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (pages 101–117)

      S. Serge Barold, Stéphane Garrigue, Carsten W. Israel, Ignacio Gallardo and Jacques Clémenty

  3. Part III: Advances in Technology

    1. Chapter 12

      Pacemaker Memory: Basic Concepts and New Technology (pages 145–148)

      Paul A. Levine, Robert E. Smith, Balakrishnan Shankar, Greg Hauck, Jeffrey Snell, André Walker and Mark Kroll

  4. Part IV: Pacemaker Follow-Up

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