New Arrhythmia Technologies

New Arrhythmia Technologies

Editor(s): Paul J. Wang, Gerald V. Naccarelli, Michael R. Rosen, N.A. Mark Estes, David L. Hayes, David E. Haines

Published Online: 12 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9781405132930

Online ISBN: 9780470988725

DOI: 10.1002/9780470988725

About this Book

New Arrhythmia Technologies provides a complete discussion of recent, emerging, and future arrhythmia technologies.

This forward-thinking book details successful trials and investigates areas of research that have not yet reached the trial phase.

The elite panel of authors have explored fresh information on:

  • advances in antiarrhythmic pharmacologis therapy
  • advances in monitoring, risk assessment, and noninvasive mapping
  • advances in pacing therapy
  • advances in implantable defibrillators
  • advances in catheter and surgical ablation
  • advances in antiarrhythmic biological therapy
  • vision for the future of arrhythmia technologies
  • web-based defibrillation monitoring.

New Arrhythmia Technologies presents a unique view of the latest in arrhythmia innovations through the eyes of the experts in the field.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Advances in Antiarrhythmic Pharmacologic Therapy

  2. Part II: Future of Antiarrhythmic Therapy

    1. Chapter 6

      Gene and Cell Therapy for Sinus and AV Nodal Dysfunction (pages 54–64)

      Peter Danilo, Steven Girouard, Peter R. Brink, Ira S. Cohen, Richard B. Robinson and Michael R. Rosen

    2. Chapter 7

      Gene Therapy for Cardiac Tachyarrhythmias (pages 65–71)

      J. Kevin Donahue, Amy D. McDonald, Alexander Bauer, Kan Kikuchi and Tetsuo Sasano

  3. Part III: Monitoring, Noninvasive Mapping, Risk Assessment, and External Defibrillation

    1. Chapter 10

      Beta-blocker Efficacy in Long-QT Syndrome Patients with Mutations in the Pore and Nonpore Regions of the hERG Potassium-channel Gene (pages 91–94)

      Arthur J. Moss, Derick R. Peterson, Wojciech Zareba, Rahul Seth, Scott A. Mcnitt, Mark L. Andrews, Ming Qi, Michael J. Ackerman, Jesaia Benhorin, Elizabeth S. Kaufman, Jennifer L. Robinson, Jeffrey A. Towbin, G. Michael Vincent and Li Zhang

    2. Chapter 11

      New Developments in Out-of-hospital Cardiac Defibrillation: Evaluation of AED Strategies (pages 95–108)

      Robert J. Myerburg, Shauntelle Elliott, Donald G. Rosenberg, Alberto Interian and Agustin Castellanos

  4. Part IV: Advances in Pacing

  5. Part V: Advances in Implantable Defibrillators

    1. Chapter 20

      New Lead Designs and Lead-less Systems (pages 187–196)

      Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Bruce D. Gunderson and Mark A. Wood

    2. Chapter 23

      New ICD Indications (pages 219–229)

      Erik Sirulnick, Amin Al-Ahmad and Paul J. Wang

  6. Part VI: Advances in Catheter Surgical Ablation

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