Portal Hypertension IV: Proceedings of the Fourth Baveno International Consensus Workshop

Portal Hypertension IV: Proceedings of the Fourth Baveno International Consensus Workshop

Editor(s): Roberto de Franchis

Published Online: 16 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9781405139403

Online ISBN: 9780470988831

DOI: 10.1002/9780470988831

About this Book

Current recommendations for diagnosis and management of portal hypertension

This book presents the proceedings from the 'Baveno IV International Consensus Workshop: Methodology of diagnosis and treatment in portal hypertension' which was held on April 28-29, 2005 in Baveno, Italy.

These meetings are important to raise awareness of difficulties and defining some key events related to portal hypertension and variceal bleeding. They also help to produce guidelines aimed at improving trials conducted in this field.

Since the Baveno III meeting, new diagnostic tools, new drugs and new treatment strategies for portal hypertension have been developed. Therefore this book updates recommendations for diagnosis and management. It includes evidence from the workshop on pathophysiology, natural history, methods of evaluation and established treatments of portal hypertension.

In addition, this books looks at important emerging topics such as the role of coagulation disturbances, portopulmonary hypertension and the hepatopulmonary syndrome, hepato-renal syndrome, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, and infections.

This gives clinicians and investigators current evidence and helps to inform treatment decisions.

Table of contents

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    2. Session 1: Definition of Key Events – Last Attempt? (pages 11–39)

      Andrew K. Burroughts, Paul Calès, David Kravetz, Oliviero Riggio, Dominique Thabut, Henk R. van Buuren and Patrick S. Kamath

    3. Session 2: Predictive Models in Portal Hypertension (pages 47–102)

      Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, Gennaro D'Amico, Juan G. Abraldes, Filippo Schepis, Manuela Merli, W. Ray Kim and Erik Christensen

    4. Session 3: Prevention of the Formation of Varices (Pre-Primary Prophylaxis) (pages 103–151)

      Roberto J. Groszann, Carlo Merkel, Yasuko Iwakiri, Vijay Shah, Benjamin L. Shneider, Marco Zoli, Annalisa Berzigotti, Julio Vorobioff and Alberto Morabito

    5. Session 4: Primary Prophylaxis for Variceal Bleeding (pages 168–200)

      Norman D. Grace, Juan Carlos Garcia-Pagan, Mario Angelico, Richard Moreau, Agustin Albillos, Michael Schepke, Thomas D. Boyer and Naga Chalasani

    6. Session 5: Treatment of the Acute Bleeding Episode (pages 217–242)

      Loren Laine, Ramón Planas, Frederik Nevens, Rafael Bañares, David Patch and Jaime Bosch

    7. Session 6: Prevention of Rebleeding (pages 262–284)

      Brigitte Bernard-Chabert, Tilman Sauerbruch, Gin-Ho Lo, Arun J. Sanyal, J. Michael Henderson, Gamal Shiha, Han-Chieh Lin, Càndid Villanueva, Jean-Pierre Vinel and Didier Lebrec

    8. Session 7: Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension (pages 285–327)

      Dominique-Charles Valla, Shiv K. Sarin, G. Barosi, Y.C. Chawla, Elwyn Elias, Harry Janssen, Massimo Primignani and Ian R. Wanless

    9. Session 8: Providing Scientific Evidence: RCTs and Beyond (pages 356–390)

      Thorkild I.A. Sørensen, Antoine Hadengue, Francesco Salerno, Flemming Bendtsen, Jayant Talwalkar, Jenny Heathcote, Andres T. Blei and Juan Rodés

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