Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art

Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art

Editor(s): Graham T. Reed

Published Online: 10 JUN 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470025796

Online ISBN: 9780470994535

DOI: 10.1002/9780470994535

About this Book

Silicon photonics is currently a very active and progressive area of research, as silicon optical circuits have emerged as the replacement technology for copper-based circuits in communication and broadband networks. The demand for ever improving communications and computing performance continues, and this in turn means that photonic circuits are finding ever increasing application areas.  This text provides an important and timely overview of the 'hot topics' in the field, covering the various aspects of the technology that form the research area of silicon photonics.

With contributions from some of the world's leading researchers in silicon photonics, this book collates the latest advances in the technology.  Silicon Photonics: the State of the Art opens with a highly informative foreword, and continues to feature: 

  • the integrated photonic circuit;
  • silicon photonic waveguides;                         
  • photonic bandgap waveguides;
  • mechanisms for optical modulation in silicon;
  • silicon based light sources;
  • optical detection technologies for silicon photonics;
  • passive silicon photonic devices;
  • photonic and electronic integration approaches;
  • applications in communications and sensors.

Silicon Photonics: the State of the Art covers the essential elements of the entire field that is silicon photonics and is therefore an invaluable text for photonics engineers and professionals working in the fields of optical networks, optical communications, and semiconductor electronics.  It is also an informative reference for graduate students studying for PhD in fibre optics, integrated optics, optical networking, microelectronics, or telecommunications.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Silicon Photonic Waveguides (pages 15–46)

      G. Z. Mashanovich, Professor G. T. Reed, B. D. Timotijevic and S. P. Chan

    3. Chapter 3

      Silicon-Based Photonic Crystal Structures: From Design to Realization (pages 47–93)

      Dennis W. Prather, Shouyuan Shi, Janusz Murakowski, Garrett Schneider, Ahmed Sharkawy, Caihua Chen and BingLin Miao

    4. Chapter 4

      Optical Modulators in Silicon Photonic Circuits (pages 95–145)

      F. Y. Gardes, Professor G. T. Reed, G. Z. Mashanovich and C. E. Png

    5. Chapter 5

      Silicon Lasers (pages 147–189)

      Bahram Jalali, Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Varun Raghunathan and Sasan Fathpour

    6. Chapter 9

      Silicon Photonic Applications (pages 297–325)

      Richard Jones, Haisheng Rong, Hai-Feng Liu and Mario Paniccia

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