Fishes and Forestry: Worldwide Watershed Interactions and Management

Fishes and Forestry: Worldwide Watershed Interactions and Management

Editor(s): T. G. Northcote, G. F. Hartman

Published Online: 26 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9780632058099

Online ISBN: 9780470995242

DOI: 10.1002/9780470995242

About this Book

Many species of fish occupying inland waters reside in watersheds that were or still are surrounded by forests and are dependent in major ways upon such cover. The interactions between fishes and forests are complex, multifaceted, dynamic processes involving most inland surface waters, forests, subsurface waters, geology and soils, climate and its changes, and the biotic components of the relevant ecosystems. These interactions also include the aspects of forestry tied to human development, economics, population growth and even philosophies.

Fishes and Forestry is truly a landmark publication. The editors, Professors Northcote and Hartman, have drawn together and carefully edited chapters written by 56 scientists from around the world, covering a vast wealth of information never before appearing within the covers of one book. Following an introductory chapter, this exceptional work is broadly divided into sections covering: the ecology of forests, streams, lakes and estuaries; fish biology and ecology; forestry activities and their effects on aquatic systems and fishes; 14 chapters covering examples of fish-forestry interactions from around the world and a final section covering means of effecting better fish-forestry interactions.

Fishes and Forestry is an essential purchase for all those involved in inland fisheries, forestry and their interaction, including fisheries scientists, fish biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and forestry scientists. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught should have several copies on their shelves.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Ecology of the Systems

  3. Part III: Fish Biology and Ecology

  4. Part IV: Forestry Activities

  5. Part V: Forestry Effects on Aquatic Systems and Fishes

  6. Part VI: North American Fish-Forestry Interactions

    1. Chapter 19

      Forestry and Fish in the Boreal Region of Canada (pages 413–438)

      R. J. Steedman, W. M. Tonn, C. A. Paszkowski and G. J. Scrimgeour

  7. Part VII: Non-North American Fish-Forestry Interactions

  8. Part VIII: Effecting Better Fish-Forestry Interactions

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