The Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy

The Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy

Editor(s): Nicholas Bunnin, Jiyuan Yu

Print ISBN: 9781405106795

Online ISBN: 9780470996379

DOI: 10.1002/9780470996379

Author Biography

About the Author

Nicholas Bunnin is Director of the Philosophy Project, Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Oxford. He is the co-editor of The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, second edition (Blackwell, 2002) and of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (Blackwell, 2002).

Jiyuan Yu is Associate Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo. He is the author of The Structureof Being in Aristotle (2003) and The Ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: Mirrors of Virtue (2007), and the co-editor of Rationality and Happiness: From the Ancients to the Early Medievals (2003).