SpecInfo on the Internet - NMR, IR, MS

SpecInfo on the Internet - NMR, IR, MS

Online ISBN: 9780471692294

DOI: 10.1002/9780471692294

Getting Started

SpecInfo - System Requirements and Quick Start Guide

System Requirements

The SpecInfo database collections are Java Swing applications that can be accessed through any standard internet browser that provides full support for Java applications. Recommended system requirements are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 5 and higher.
  • Netscape Communicator: version 6.0 and higher

Browser settings must be set to "Enable" for Java applets and Javascript Active Scripting.

User Guide Overview

This guide is designed to illustrate the workspace and to introduce the nomenclature of the most important working areas.

The SpecInfo interface is displayed in the screenshot below.


The Query as well as the Result area is divided into three main parts. Spectra are displayed on the left side whereas structures are located in the middle. The table on the right contains additional information about how many and what kind of objects are inside a folder.

The Query area

Imported spectra or structures as well as manually created objects are located in the Query area. Objects of that area are searched against the selected database(s).

The Result area

Contains the result folder.

The Hitlist

Any successful query, a spectrum search, a property search, or a structure search results in a list of hits – called Hitlist. Listed are by default the sequential numbers, the quality (Ranking) factors, and a descriptor like Title. Of these, the Rank is, perhaps, most interesting, since it tells you how well your query matches the found database entries. The value of the factor ranges from 1 to 1000 (best ranking). By default, the first entry of a hitlist will be automatically displayed in the Result area. When moving the pointer over a result and pressing the left mouse button, a connection to the SpecInfo server will be established and the contents of this folder will be displayed.


The Icon bar

The view of the Icon bar depends on the type of spectrum.

Standard icons (are always available):


NMR-icons (only NMR spectra):