Current Protocols in Microbiology

Current Protocols in Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471729259

DOI: 10.1002/9780471729259

Mission Statement

Sound and reproducible laboratory methods are the foundation of scientific discovery. Yet, all too often, nuances that are critical for an experiment’s success are not captured in the primary literature but exist only as part of a lab’s oral tradition. The aim of each Current Protocols title is to provide the clearest, most detailed and reliable step-by-step instructions for all protocols relevant to a given subject area. Written by experts in the field and extensively edited to our exacting standards, each article also provides invaluable discussions of background information, applications of the methods, important assumptions, key parameters, troubleshooting tips, time considerations, and more. Furthermore, Current Protocols content is thoughtfully organized by topic for optimal usage and to maximize contextual knowledge. Quarterly installments allow Current Protocols to constantly evolve to keep pace with the newest discoveries and developments.

Current Protocols in Microbiology is the comprehensive resource for all types of experiments pertaining to basic microbiology. Current Protocols in Microbiology brings together hundreds of core and cutting edge techniques in all areas of bacteriology and virology, including techniques for standard maintenance, genetic manipulation, animal and plant models of infection and more. In addition, information vital to microbiologists of all disciplines is provided in the “Emerging Technologies” chapter, along with a full chapter dedicated to microscopy. Current Protocols in Microbiology represents the first resource to not only further research in the realm of the individual microorganism but also to promote comparative investigation between them. Updated quarterly, Current Protocols in Microbiology constantly evolves to keep pace with the newest discoveries and developments and is the only title which can match the scope and pace of this vital discipline. Current Protocols in Microbiology will eventually grow to cover other areas of microbiology such as mycology, parasitology, and protists.

The target audience is any life scientist interested in techniques of microbiology with the level of sophistication geared to the novice experimenter—the first-year graduate student or experienced investigator who must branch out into a new area of research. Sufficient detail is provided to permit duplication of the protocols in any laboratory, whatever the disciplinary background or level of sophis¬tication.


Microbiologists • bacteriologists • virologists • molecular biologists • cancer researchers cell biologists • immunologists • biochemists • plant scientists


Microbiology, bacteria, bacteriology, viruses, virology, pathogenesis, infection, disease, biofilms, microscopy, genomics, microbial genetics, proteomics, plants, model organisms, environmental microbiology, industrial microbiology, agriculture, laboratory protocols, Current Protocols