Current Protocols in Microbiology

Current Protocols in Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471729259

DOI: 10.1002/9780471729259

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  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Cell Biology
    1. Cell Isolation and Culture
    2. Labeling Molecules
    3. Lipids and Fatty Acids
    4. Microscopy and Imaging
    5. Molecular Biology Techniques
    6. Molecular Trafficking
    7. Plant Biology
    8. Viruses
      1. A High-Throughput Approach for Studying Virus Replication in Yeast
      2. Analyzing the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Life Cycle in Primary Keratinocytes with a Quantitative Colony-Forming Assay
      3. Avian Reoviruses: Propagation, Quantification, and Storage
      4. Bluetongue Virus (BTV): Propagation, Quantification, and Storage
      5. Culturing, Storage, and Quantification of Rotaviruses
      6. Growth and Maintenance of Chick Embryo Fibroblasts (CEF)
      7. Growth and Maintenance of Mosquito Cell Lines
      8. Growth Conditions for Plant Virus–Host Studies
      9. Using Host 28S Ribosomal RNA as a Housekeeping Gene for Quantitative Real-Time Reverse Transcription-PCR (qRT-PCR) in Virus-Infected Animal Cells
      10. Human Norovirus Detection and Production, Quantification, and Storage of Virus-Like Particles
      11. Dengue Virus: Isolation, Propagation, Quantification, and Storage
      12. Mouse Polyomavirus: Propagation, Purification, Quantification, and Storage
      13. Myxoma Virus: Propagation, Purification, Quantification, and Storage
      14. Production and Discovery of Novel Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
      15. Sindbis Virus: Propagation, Quantification, and Storage
      16. The Ferret Model for Influenza
      17. The Mouse Model for Influenza
      18. Using Organotypic (Raft) Epithelial Tissue Cultures for the Biosynthesis and Isolation of Infectious Human Papillomaviruses
    9. Whole Organism and Tissue Analysis
  4. Cell Culture
  5. Cytometry
  6. Gene Expression
  7. Genetics and Genomics
  8. Imaging and Microscopy
  9. Immunology
  10. Intermolecular Interactions
  11. Laboratory Organisms and Animal Models
  12. Microbiology
  13. Microbiology
  14. Molecular Biology
  15. Mouse Biology
  16. Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  17. Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
  18. Protein Production, Purification, and Analysis
  19. Proteomics
  20. RNA
  21. Safety
  22. Stem Cells
  23. Structural Analysis of Biomolecules
  24. Supporting Lab Techniques