Getting Published in the Life Sciences

Getting Published in the Life Sciences

Author(s): Richard J. Gladon, William R. Graves, J. Michael Kelly

Published Online: 29 NOV 2011 02:13PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118017166

Online ISBN: 9781118041673

DOI: 10.1002/9781118041673

About this Book

The goal of this book is to make it easier for scientists, especially those new to scientific writing, to write about their results and to get their manuscripts accepted in peer-reviewed journals. The book covers each step throughout the submission process, from organizing and outlining the manuscript, presenting statistical data and results, to what happens during the in-house manuscript review process and what to do if an article is initially rejected. In addition to providing practical exercises on these topics, the book focuses on helping writers distil their research into concise take-home messages for readers, in order to convey information as clearly as possible to the target audience.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Preliminary Considerations

  2. Part II: Development of the Manuscript

  3. Part III: Review, Submission, and Postsubmission Issues

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