Light Metals 2011

Light Metals 2011

Editor(s): Stephen J. Lindsay

Published Online: 2 MAY 2011 09:23AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118029350

Online ISBN: 9781118061992

DOI: 10.1002/9781118061992

About this Book

The light metal symposia are a key part of the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, presenting the most recent developments, discoveries, and practices in primary aluminum science and technology. Publishing the proceedings from these important symposia, the Light Metals Series has become the definitive reference in the field of aluminum production and related light metal technologies. Light Metals 2011 offers a mix of the latest scientific research findings and applied technology, covering alumina and bauxite, aluminum reduction technology, aluminum rolling, cast shop for aluminum production, electrode technology, and furnace efficiency. These proceedings will help you take advantage of the latest technologies in order to produce high-quality materials while cutting costs and improving profitability at the same time.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Alumina and Bauxite

    1. Study on the Characterization of Marginal Bauxite from Parä/Brazil (pages 13–18)

      Fernanda A.N.G. Silva, João A. Sampaio, Francisco M. S. Garrido and Marta. E. Medeiros

    2. Alunorte Expansion 3 - the New Lines Added to Reach 6.3 Million Tons per Year (pages 57–62)

      Daryush Albuquerque Khoshneviss, Luiz Gustavo Corrêa, Joaquim Ribeiro Alves Filho, Hans Marius Berntsen and Ricardo Rodrigues de Carvalho

    3. Advanced Process Control in the Evaporation Unit (pages 69–73)

      C. Satish Kumar, Tonmoy Banerjee, Uttam Giri, Rosalin Pradhan, Ramu Saha and Pratichi Pattnaik

    4. Alunorte Global Energy Efficiency (pages 179–184)

      Reiner Wischnewski, Cleto Maues de Azevedo, Emerson L. S. Moraes and Arthur Barros Monteiro

    5. Opportunities for Improved Environmental Control in the Alumina Industry (pages 185–190)

      Richard Mimna, John Kildea, Everett C. Phillips, Wayne Carlson, Bruce Keiser and John Meier

  2. Part II: Aluminum Reduction Technology

    1. HF Measurements Inside an Aluminium Electrolysis Cell (pages 259–268)

      Karen Sende Osen, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Asbjørn Solheim, Egil Skybakmoen and Camilla Sommerseth

    2. LasIRTM-R - the New Generation RoHS-Compliant Gas Analyzers Based on Tunable Diode Lasers (pages 269–273)

      Alak Chanda, Gervase I. Mackay, Keith L. Mackay, John T. Pisano, Jean-Pierre Gagne and Pierre Bouchard

    3. On Continuous PFC Emission Unrelated to Anode Effects (pages 307–314)

      Wangxing Li, Qingyun Zhao, Jianhong Yang, Shilin Qiu, Xiping Chen, Jerry Marks and Chris Bayliss

    4. Reduction of Anode Effect Duration in 400kA Prebake Cells (pages 319–323)

      Wei Zhang, David Wong, Michel Gilbert, Yashuang Gao, Mark Dorreen, Mark Taylor, Alton Tabereaux, Melinda Soffer, Xiaopu Sun, Changping Hu, Xueming Liang, Haitang Oin, Jihong Mao and Xuehui Lin

    5. Sustainable Anode Effect Based Perfluorocarbon Emission Reduction (pages 325–328)

      Neal R. Dando, Lise Sylvain, Janice Fleckenstein, Ciro Kato, Vince Van Son and Laura Coleman

    6. Towards Eliminating Anode Effects (pages 333–337)

      Ali. Al Zarouni, B.J. Welch, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf and A. Kumar

    7. Correlation between Moisture and HF Formation in the Aluminium Process (pages 339–344)

      Camilla Sommerseth, Karen Sende Osen, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim, Christian Rosenkilde and Arne Petter Ratvik

  3. Part III: Investigation of Solutions to Reduce Fluoride Emissions from Anode Butts and Crust Cover Material

    1. PFC Survey in Some Smelters of China (pages 357–360)

      Wangxing Li, Qingyun Zhao, Shilin Qiu, Shuchao Zhang and Xiping Chen

    2. Restart of 300kA Potlines after 5 Hours Power Failure (pages 405–406)

      Xinliang Zhao, Jitai Yan, Bingliang Gao, Hua Han, Jie Liu, Jiuyi Xiao, Jianxun Qian and Delai Wang

    3. Current Efficiency for Aluminium Deposition from Molten Cryolite-alumina Electrolytes in a Laboratory Cell (pages 461–463)

      Geir Martin Haarberg, Joseph P. Armoo, Henrik Gudbrandsen, Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim and Trond Eirik Jentoftsen

    4. Retrofit of a Combined Breaker Feeder with a Chisel Bath Contact Detection System to Reduce Anode Effect Frequency in a Potroom (pages 465–470)

      Jonathan Verreault, Bernard Desgroseilliers, René Gariépy, Claude Simard, Serge Simard, Xavier Delcorde, Christophe Turpain and Simon-Pierre Déry

    5. Modern Design of Potroom Ventilation (pages 531–535)

      Anastasiya Vershenya, Umesh Shah, Stephan Broek, Tom Plikas, Jennifer Woloshyn and Andre Felipe Schneider

    6. Large Gas Bubbles under the Anodes of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells (pages 581–586)

      Alexandre Caboussat, László Kiss, Jacques Rappaz, Klára Vékony, Alexandre Perron, Steeve Renaudier and Olivier Martin

  4. Part IV: Aluminum Rolling

  5. Part V: Cast Shop for Aluminum Production

    1. Molten Metal Safety Approach through a Network (pages 657–662)

      C. Pluchon, J.P. Riquet, F. Fehrenbach, G.M. Raynaud, B. Hannart, L. Jouet-Pastré, M. Bertherat, J. Hennings, J. Mathieu, R. Wood and V. Brockhagen

    2. Investment Casting of Surfaces with Microholes and Their Possible Applications (pages 705–709)

      Todor Ivanov, Andreas Biihrig-Polaczek, Uwe Vroomen, Claudia Hartmann, Jens Holtkamp, Arnold Gillner, Kirsten Bobzin, Nazlim Bagcivan and Sebastian Theiss

    3. The Effectof TiB2 Granules on Metal Quality (pages 743–750)

      Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, Margaret Hyland, Barry Welch, Ali Al Zarouni and Fahimi Abdullah

    4. Development of Alba High Speed Alloy (pages 803–807)

      Abdulla Habib Ahmed Ali, Jalal Mohd Ghuloom Hassan, Garry Martin and Kishore Ghosh

  6. Part VI: Electrode Technology for Aluminium Production

    1. Operation of an Open Type Anode Baking Furnace with a Temporary Crossover (pages 847–852)

      Esteban Cobo, Jorge Rey Boero, Luis Beltramino, Juan Pablo Artola, Jean Bigot and Pierre-Jean Roy

    2. Recent Developments in Anode Baking Furnace Design (pages 853–858)

      Dagoberto S. Severo, Vanderlei Gusberti, Peter O. Sulger, Felix Keller and Markus W. Meier

    3. Sohar Aluminium's Anode Baking Furnace Operation (pages 859–863)

      Said Al Hosni, Jim Chandler, Olivier Forato, François Morales, Jean Bigot and Christian Jon ville

    4. Meeting the Challenge of Increasing Anode Baking Furnace Productivity (pages 865–870)

      François Ordronneau, Magali Gendre, Luc Pomerleau, Nigel Backhouse, Adam Berkovich and Xin Huang

    5. High Performance Sealing for Anode Baking Furnaces (pages 881–885)

      Pierre Mahieu, Sébastien Neple, Nicolas Fiot, Ismael Ofico and Manuel Eufrasio

    6. Paste Quality Improvements at Alcoa Poços de Caldas Plant (pages 907–912)

      Beatriz Vry, Ciro Kato, Jeronimo Araujo, Fabiano José Ribeiro and André Luìs Abreu

    7. Prebaked Anode from Coal Extract (2) - Effects of the Properties of Hypercoal-coke on the Preformance of Prebaked Anodes (pages 913–916)

      Maki Hamaguchi, Noriyuki Okuyama, Takahiro Shishido, Koji Sakai, Nobuyuki Komatsu, Toshinori Inoue, Jiro Koide and Keisuke Kano

    8. Prediction of Calcined Coke Bulk Density (pages 931–936)

      Marie-Josée Dion, Hans Darmstadt, Nigel Backhouse, Mike Canada and Frank Cannova

    9. New Apparatus for Characterizing Electrical Contact Resistance and Thermal Contact Conductance (pages 1003–1008)

      Nedeltcho Kandev, Hugues Fortin, Sylvain Chénard, Guillaume Gauvin, Marie-Hélène Martin and Mario Fafard

    10. Measurement of Cathode Surface Wear Profiles by Laser Scanning (pages 1059–1066)

      Egil Skvbakmoen, Stein Rørvik, Asbjørn Solheim, Knut Ragnar Holm, Priska Tiefenbach and Øyvind Østrem

  7. Part VII: Furnace Efficiency - Energy and Throughput

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