Supplemental Proceedings: General Paper Selections, Volume 3

Supplemental Proceedings: General Paper Selections, Volume 3


Published Online: 2 MAY 2011 08:49AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118029473

Online ISBN: 9781118062173

DOI: 10.1002/9781118062173

About this Book

Presents the up-to-date information on the state of materials from electronic, magnetic, and photonic materials, light metals, materials processing and manufacturing, and structural materials which are of invaluable benefit to the global industry.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: General Abstracts: Electronic, Magnetic and Photonic Materials Division

  2. Part II: General Abstracts: Light Metals Division

  3. Part III: General Abstracts: Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division

  4. Part IV: General Abstracts: Structural Materials Division

    1. Deformation Behavior of Biomedical Co-Cr-Mo Alloy (pages 433–437)

      Hiroaki Matsumoto, Shingo Kurosu, Byoung-Soo Lee, Yunping Li, Yuichiro Koizumi and Akihiko Chiba

    2. Microstructural Properties of Gamma Titanium Aluminide Manufactured by Electron Beam Melting (pages 455–462)

      Sanna Fager Franzén, Joakim Karlsson, Ryan Dehoff, Ulf Ackelid, Orlando Rios, Chad Parish and William Peters

    3. Static Recrystallization Behavior of Co-Ni-Cr-Mo Superalloy After Cold Rolling and Subsequent Heat Treatment (pages 479–483)

      Takuma Otomo, Shingo Kurosu, Yunping Li, Hiroaki Matsumoto, Shigeo Sato, Yuichiro Koizumi, Kazuaki Wagatsuma and Akihiko Chiba

  5. Part V: General Poster Session

    1. Coarsening of β' Precipitates in an Isothermally-Aged Fe75-Ni10-Al15 Alloy (pages 569–576)

      Orlando Soriano-Vargas, Hector J. Dorantes-Rosales, Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Susana Lezama-Alvarez and Erika O. Avila-Davila

    2. Thoughened Poly (Acid Lactic): Mechanical and Morphological Characterizations (pages 693–699)

      Gustavo F. Brito, Pankaj Agrawal, Carlos T. C. Cunha, Edcleide M. Araújo and Tomas J. A. Melo

    3. Electron Beam Melting and Recycling of Hafnium (pages 725–732)

      Katia Vutova, Vania Vassileva, Georgi Mladenov, Elena Koleva, Tirthalli Prakash and Nagegownivari Munirathnam

    4. The Influence of Li on Properties of 380 Aluminum Casting Alloys (pages 907–913)

      Mostafa karamouz, Masoud Emamy, Jafar Rasizadeh, Mohammad Alipour and Mortaza Azarbarmas

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