Fundamental Medical Mycology

Fundamental Medical Mycology

Author(s): Errol Reiss, H. Jean Shadomy, G. Marshall Lyon

Print ISBN: 9780470177914

Online ISBN: 9781118101773

DOI: 10.1002/9781118101773


"The book does a superlative job in addressing recent advances in medical mycology, which include identifying emerging pathogens, new antifungal drugs and strategies for their use; progress in molecular diagnostics; and up-to- date knowledge about host defenses against fungi, especially opportunistic pathogens." (Emerging Infectious Diseases, August 2012)

"This text provides the first book in almost 10 years for students and clinicians interested in the medical microbiology of fungi. This new book's scope is well balanced between medical and microbiological knowledge of the major fungi pathogenic for humans." (Clinical Laboratory International, 19 December 2011)