Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies

Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies

Author(s): John Hartley

Published Online: 24 FEB 2012 04:21AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470671009

Online ISBN: 9781118106723

DOI: 10.1002/9781118106723

About this Book

An ambitious rendering of the digital future from a pioneer of media and cultural studies, a wise and witty take on a changing field, and our orientation to it

  • Investigates the uses of multimedia by creative and productive citizen-consumers to provide new theories of communication that accommodate social media, participatory action, and user-creativity
  • Leads the way for new interdisciplinary engagement with systems thinking, complexity and evolutionary sciences, and the convergence of cultural and economic values
  • Analyzes the historical uses of multimedia from print, through broadcasting to the internet
  • Combines conceptual innovation with historical erudition to present a high-level synthesis of ideas and detailed analysis of emergent forms and practices
  • Features an international focus and global reach to provide a basis for students and researchers seeking broader perspectives

Table of contents