Freedom of Religion and the Secular State

Freedom of Religion and the Secular State

Author(s): Russell Blackford

Print ISBN: 9780470658864

Online ISBN: 9781118153321

DOI: 10.1002/9781118153321

Series Editor(s): Michael Boylan


"Rare are the books that effectively discuss and connect philosophical background and practical foreground. Russell Blackford's Freedom of Religion and the Secular State is one.  Blackford's always and admirably accessible overview covers not only a wide range of prominent controversies, but a number of equally crucial yet commonly overlooked issues such as religious proselytizing and the legitimacy of official church establishments."  (The
Review of Politics
, 1 November 2013)

"Freedom of Religion & the Secular State could not be more timely. If it becomes a standard text in colleges and universities, and, more generally, became a handy reference to those intimately concerned with questions regarding the separation of religion and state, then possibly, despite continuing heat over the subject, a little cool reflection could mediate the divide."  (Atheists United, 2012)

"I found the book to be concise and deceptively simply written, but with great depth of analysis. Of course, as a non-religious person, perhaps it is hardly surprising that I enjoyed Blackford's analysis so much: in a sense, he is already "preaching to the converted" for a reader like myself. However, I think it would probably provide much food for thought for the reasonable religious person too." (Skepticlawyer, 9 February 2012)

"But anyway, even with this, this book is a must-have. It needs to be kept to hand in any discussion of Western secularism." (Steve's Posterous, 28 January 2012)

"This worthy contribution to the debate on religious freedom analyses the history and thinking that has underpinned western society today ... Whilst written by an academic, the style and language open up a complex and important debate to a mass audience and clearly underline the principles at stake for both state and church." (Life & Work, 1 February 2012)

"Freedom of Religion and the Secular State offers a comprehensive analysis, with a global focus, of the subject of religious freedom from a legal as well as historical and philosophical viewpoint." (The Richard Dawkins Foundation, 16 December 2011)