Visual Statistics: Seeing Data with Dynamic Interactive Graphics

Visual Statistics: Seeing Data with Dynamic Interactive Graphics

Author(s): Forrest W. Young, Pedro M. Valero-Mora, Michael Friendly

Print ISBN: 9780471681601

Online ISBN: 9781118165409

DOI: 10.1002/9781118165409


"A good book about a great software system." (Psychometrika, March 2008)

"…the book admirably guides readers through the process of exploring and analyzing a variety of types of data." (The American Statistician, August 2007)

"A technically well-produced book, significant in that it documents efforts these psychometrics faculty made in using visual approaches to analyze data." (CHOICE, March 2007)

"Forrest Young has been a leading light in developing dynamic interactive graphics for decades…so [I] am delighted to see this book appear." (Short Book Reviews, December 2006)

"...the book not only improves a student's understanding of statistics, but also builds confidence to overcome problems that may have previously been excellent textbook" (Computing, November 16, 2006)

"...covers its subject matter skillfully, and provides great insight into the world of the dynamic visualization of statistical data."  (Journal of Applied Statistics, 2007)

"The people who would benefit most from this book are those who teach courses in statistics." (AstA Advances in Statistical Analysis, 2008)