Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces

Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces

Editor(s): Franklin (Feng) Tao, Steven L. Bernasek

Published Online: 20 MAR 2012 09:12PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470562949

Online ISBN: 9781118199770

DOI: 10.1002/9781118199770

About this Book

This book presents both fundamental knowledge and latest achievements of this rapidly growing field in the last decade. It presents a complete and concise picture of the the state-of-the-art in the field, encompassing the most active international research groups in the world.  Led by contributions from leading global research groups, the book discusses the functionalization of semiconductor surface. Dry organic reactions in vacuum and wet organic chemistry in solution are two major categories of strategies for functionalization that will be described.  The growth of multilayer-molecular architectures on the formed organic monolayers will be documented. The immobilization of biomolecules such as DNA on organic layers chemically attached to semiconductor surfaces will be introduced. The patterning of complex structures of organic layers and metallic nanoclusters toward sensing techniques will be presented as well.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Introduction (pages 1–10)

      Franklin (Feng) Tao, Yuan Zhu and Steven L. Bernasek

    3. Chapter 14

      Perspective and Challenge (pages 429–430)

      Franklin (Feng) Tao and Steven L. Bernasek

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