Aquaculture Production Systems

Aquaculture Production Systems

Editor(s): James H. Tidwell

Published Online: 23 MAR 2012 05:55AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780813801261

Online ISBN: 9781118250105

DOI: 10.1002/9781118250105

About this Book

Aquaculture is an increasingly diverse industry with an ever-growing number of species cultured and production systems available to professionals. A basic understanding of production systems is vital to the successful practice of aquaculture.

Published with the World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture Production Systems captures the huge diversity of production systems used in the production of shellfish and finfish in one concise volume that allows the reader to better understand how aquaculture depends upon and interacts with its environment.

The systems examined range from low input methods to super-intensive systems. Divided into five sections that each focus on a distinct family of systems, Aquaculture Production Systems serves as an excellent text to those just being introduced to aquaculture as well as being a valuable reference to well-established professionals seeking information on production methods.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 9

      Flow-through Raceways (pages 173–190)

      Gary Fornshell, Jeff Hinshaw and James H. Tidwell

    3. Chapter 12

      Biofloc-based Aquaculture Systems (pages 278–307)

      Craig L. Browdy, Andrew J. Ray, John W. Leffler and Yoram Avnimelech

    4. Chapter 13

      Partitioned Aquaculture Systems (pages 308–342)

      D. E. Brune, Craig Tucker, Mike Massingill and Jesse Chappell

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