Cloud Computing Bible

Cloud Computing Bible

Author(s): Barrie Sosinsky

Published Online: 30 NOV 2011

Print ISBN: 9780470903568

Online ISBN: 9781118255674

DOI: 10.1002/9781118255674

About this Book

The complete reference guide to the hot technology of cloud computing

Its potential for lowering IT costs makes cloud computing a major force for both IT vendors and users; it is expected to gain momentum rapidly with the launch of Office Web Apps later this year. Because cloud computing involves various technologies, protocols, platforms, and infrastructure elements, this comprehensive reference is just what you need if you?ll be using or implementing cloud computing.

  • Cloud computing offers significant cost savings by eliminating upfront expenses for hardware and software; its growing popularity is expected to skyrocket when Microsoft introduces Office Web Apps
  • This comprehensive guide helps define what cloud computing is and thoroughly explores the technologies, protocols, platforms and infrastructure that make it so desirable
  • Covers mobile cloud computing, a significant area due to ever-increasing cell phone and smartphone use
  • Focuses on the platforms and technologies essential to cloud computing

Anyone involved with planning, implementing, using, or maintaining a cloud computing project will rely on the information in Cloud Computing Bible.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Examining the Value Proposition

  2. Part II: Using Platforms

  3. Part III: Exploring Cloud Infrastructures

  4. Part IV: Understanding Services and Applications

  5. Part V: Using the Mobile Cloud

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