Optimizing the Aging, Retirement, and Pensions Dilemma

Optimizing the Aging, Retirement, and Pensions Dilemma

Author(s): Marida Bertocchi, Sandra L. Schwartz, William T. Ziemba

Published Online: 20 DEC 2011 03:50PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470377345

Online ISBN: 9781118266380

DOI: 10.1002/9781118266380

About this Book

A straightforward guide focused on life cycle investing-namely aging, retirement, and pensions

Life cycle investing and the implications of aging, retirement, and pensions continues to grow in importance. With people living longer, the relative and absolute number of retirees is growing while the number of workers contributing to pension funds is declining.

This reliable resource develops a detailed economic analysis-at the micro (individual) and macro (economy wide) levels-which addresses issues regarding the economics of an aging population. Topics touched upon include retirement and the associated health care funding of the aged as well as social security and the asset classes that are considered asset-liability choices over time.

  • The probability of achieving adequate return patterns from various investment strategies and asset classes is reviewed
  • Shares rich insights on the aging, retirement, and pensions dilemma
  • An assessment of the resources the real economy will be able to commit to non-workers is provided

The three pillars of retirement are social security, company pensions, and private savings. Each of these pillars is confronted with a variety of asset-liability problems, and this book will addresses them.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: The Aging Population: Issues for Retirement

  2. Part II: Special Issues and Models

  3. Part III: Modeling the Issues

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