Annual Plant Reviews Volume 45: The Evolution of Plant Form

Annual Plant Reviews Volume 45: The Evolution of Plant Form

Editor(s): Barbara A. Ambrose, Michael Purugganan

Published Online: 26 NOV 2012 12:38PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781444330014

Online ISBN: 9781118305881

DOI: 10.1002/9781118305881

About this Book

The Evolution of Plant Form is an exceptional new volume in Wiley-Blackwell's highly successful and well established Annual Plant Reviews.

Written by recognised and respected researchers, this book delivers a comprehensive guide to the diverse range of scientific perspectives in land plant evolution, from morphological evolution to the studies of the mechanisms of evolutionary change and the tools with which they can be studied. This title distinguishes itself from others in plant evolution through its synthesis of these ideas, which then provides a framework for future studies and exciting new developments in this

The first chapter explores the origins of the major morphological innovations in land plants and the following chapters provide an exciting, in depth analysis of the morphological evolution
of land plant groups including bryophytes, lycophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The second half of the book focuses on evolutionary studies in land plants including genomics,
adaptation, development and phenotypic plasticity. The final chapter provides a summary and perspective for future studies in the evolution of plant form.

The Evolution of Plant Form provides essential information for plant scientists and evolutionary biologists. All libraries and research establishments, where biological and agricultural sciences are
studied and taught, will find this important work a vital addition to their shelves.

Table of contents

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