The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions

Editor(s): Acacia C. Parks, Stephen M. Schueller

Published Online: 11 APR 2014 08:36PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119950561

Online ISBN: 9781118315927

DOI: 10.1002/9781118315927

About this Book

Collating for the first time a range of techniques in positive psychology, this handbook introduces topics such as courage, empathy and humor, and spans areas as diverse as gratitude, forgiveness and strengths. It also explores special considerations such as ethics and motivation, and offers informed conjecture on future directions in research and practice.

  • Comprehensive content summarizes theory and research on many areas of positive psychology intervention for the first time and provides essential updates on established interventions
  • Features contributions from an array of leading researchers, including Bob Emmons, Sonja Lyubomirsky and Shane Lopez
  • Covers established interventions - for instance, coaching and family therapy - as well as newly developed interventions - such as schizophrenia or stopping smoking

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Established Areas of Intervention

    1. Chapter 1

      Gratitude Interventions: A Review and Future Agenda (pages 1–19)

      Tara Lomas, Jeffrey J. Froh, Robert A. Emmons, Anjali Mishra and Giacomo Bono

  2. Part II: New and Emerging Areas of Intervention

    1. Chapter 9

      Courage Interventions: Future Directions and Cautions (pages 168–178)

      Cynthia L. S. Pury, Charles B. Starkey, Chad R. Breeden, Christie L. Kelley, Hannah J. Murphy and Arden Y. Lowndes

  3. Part III: Areas of Application

    1. Chapter 13

      Positive Family Therapy Interventions (pages 233–254)

      Collie W. Conoley, Jane Close Conoley and Marla E. Pontrelli

    2. Chapter 17

      Resilience Interventions for Youth (pages 310–326)

      Craig Springer, Justin Misurell, Amy Kranzler, Lindsay Liotta and Jane Gillham

    3. Chapter 20

      Adapting Positive Psychology for Smoking Cessation (pages 358–370)

      Anne M. Day, Elise M. Clerkin, Nichea S. Spillane and Christopher W. Kahler

  4. Part IV: Special Considerations

    1. Chapter 27

      Act Well to Be Well: The Promise of Changing Personality States to Promote Well-Being (pages 462–474)

      Laura E. R. Blackie, Ann Marie Roepke, Marie J. C. Forgeard, Eranda Jayawickreme and William Fleeson

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