The Encyclopedia of the Roman Army

The Encyclopedia of the Roman Army

Online ISBN: 9781118318140

DOI: 10.1002/9781118318140

Editors & Contributors

General Editor

Yann Le Bohec is Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne (Paris IV). He has taught Roman history at the universities of Paris-Nanterre, Grenoble, Lyon and, lately, at the Sorbonne. He was Vice President of the Conseil Scientifique du Centre d’Étude d’Histoire de la Défense and he founded the Revue des Études Militaires Anciennes (RÉMA). He is the author of 180 articles and wrote 22 books, some of which have been translated in English, and two books are forthcoming: Histoire géopolitique de Rome et de son empire and Naissance, vie et mort de l’empire romain.


Associate Editors

Giovanni Brizzi is Professor of Roman History at Bologna University. He has taught at Sassari and Udine Universities. He was a professor (1993/1994 and 2005/2006) at the Sorbonne, is Officier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques of France, and is a member of the Academy of the Sciences of the Istituto di Bologna. He is editor of the Rivista di Storia dell’Antichità, editor of the Rivista di studi militari, and coeditor of the Revue des Études Militaires Anciennes. Giovanni Brizzi is author of more than two hundred publications in different languages and is one of the leading scholars in ancient military history.


Eckhard Deschler-Erb is assistant professor at the University of Zurich, Switzerland (department for pre- and protohistory), with lectureship in the archaeology of the Roman provinces. His subject areas are the Romanization in the northwestern provinces, Roman crafts and small finds. In addition he has written and published many articles on Roman military equipment. Some of them are benchmarks within Roman military history.


Geoffrey Greatrex is Associate Professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He has held research fellowships at Cardiff University in Wales, at Robinson College in Cambridge, and at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich. He is a member of the editorial board of the journals Antiquité Tardive, Millennium and Byzantinische Zeitschrift. Among his publications are his monograph, Rome and Persia at War, 502–532 (1998), his source book (with S. Lieu), The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars, AD 363–630 (2002) and his commentary (with translation by R. Phenix and C. Horn) of The Chronicle of Pseudo-Zachariah of Mytilene: Church and War in Late Antiquity (2011).


Boris Rankov is Professor of Ancient History at Royal Holloway, University of London, and has taught at the Universities of Oxford and Western Australia. He is also Chairman of the Trireme Trust and was a rowing master on the Olympias trireme reconstruction. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and has published widely on the Roman Army and frontiers, and on ancient warships and shipsheds. He is the author (with N.J.E Austin) of Exploratio: Military and Political Intelligence in the Roman World (1995) and (with J.S. Morrison and J.F. Coates) of The Athenian Trireme (2nd edn., 2000).


Michel Reddé is Professor at the EPHE (School of High Studies, Paris). He studied in the École normale supérieure and the Sorbonne (Paris) and was a member of the French School at Rome. After his promotion to a personal chair at the University of Nantes (1987–1993), he became Director of the Human and Social Sciences to the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, President of the National Council of the Archaeological Research in France, and President of the Committee Europe-Maghreb of the Commission of French Archaeological Excavations abroad. He a is member of the German Archaeological Institute and received the silver medal of the National Center for scientific Research (CNRS). He supervised excavations in the oasis of Douch (Khargeh, Egypt), Mirebeau, Alésia, Oedenburg in France, and he is the author (alone or in collaboration) of a dozen books. He is a specialist of Roman military archaeology and the provinces of Rome.