A Companion to Spanish Cinema

A Companion to Spanish Cinema

Editor(s): Jo Labanyi, Tatjana Pavlović

Published Online: 12 DEC 2012

Print ISBN: 9781405194389

Online ISBN: 9781118322765

DOI: 10.1002/9781118322765

About this Book

A Companion to Spanish Cinema is a bold collection of newly commissioned essays written by top international scholars that thoroughly interrogates Spanish cinema from a variety of thematic, theoretical and historic perspectives.

  • Presents an insightful and provocative collection of newly commissioned essays and original research by top international scholars from a variety of theoretical, disciplinary and geographical perspectives 
  • Offers a systematic historical, thematic, and theoretical approach to Spanish cinema, unique in the field
  • Combines a thorough and insightful study of a wide spectrum of topics and issues with in-depth textual analysis of specific films
  • Explores Spanish cinema's cultural, artistic, industrial, theoretical and commercial contexts pre- and post-1975 and the notion of a "national" cinema
  • Canonical directors and stars are examined alongside understudied directors, screenwriters, editors, and secondary actors
  • Presents original research on image and sound; genre; non-fiction film; institutions, audiences and industry; and relations to other media, as well as a theoretically-driven section designed to stimulate innovative research

Table of contents

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    1. Chapter 1

      Introduction (pages 1–11)

      Jo Labanyi and Tatjana Pavlović

  1. Part I: Reframing the National

  2. Part II: The Construction of the Auteur

    1. Chapter 6

      Strategic Auteurism (pages 152–189)

      Antonio Lázaro-Reboll, Steven Marsh, Susan Martin-Márquez and Santos Zunzunegui

  3. Part 3: Genre

    1. Chapter 7

      Comedy and Musicals (pages 193–223)

      Steven Marsh, Chris Perriam, Eva Woods Peiró and Santos Zunzunegui

    2. Chapter 8

      Melodrama and Historical Film (pages 224–258)

      Jo Labanyi, Annabel Martín and Vicente Rodríguez Ortega

    1. Chapter 9

      Film Noir, the Thriller, and Horror (pages 259–290)

      Jo Labanyi, Antonio Lázaro-Reboll and Vicente Rodríguez Ortega

  4. Part IV: Stars as Cultural Icons

  5. Part V: Image and Sound

  6. Part VI: The Film Apparatus - Production, Infrastructure, and Audiences

    1. Chapter 14

      Censorship, Film Studios, and Production Companies (pages 391–433)

      Josetxo Cerdán, Román Gubern, Jo Labanyi, Steven Marsh, Tatjana Pavlović and Nuria Triana Toribio

  7. Part VII: Relations With Other Media

  8. Part VIII: Beyond the Fiction Film

  9. Part IX: Reading Films through Theory

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