Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games

Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games

Author(s): Clive Fencott, Mike Lockyer, Jo Clay, Paul Massey

Print ISBN: 9780470597187

Online ISBN: 9781118347584

DOI: 10.1002/9781118347584

Author Biography

About the Author

CLIVE FENCOTT, PhD, is a freelance writer and researcher in new media. For many years, he taught and researched the theory of computer games at Teesside University in the UK. He also worked in the games industry. Dr. Fencott has authored over fifty publications, including the successful textbook Formal Methods for Concurrency.

MIKE LOCKYER, BSc, PhD, is a Professor of Web Services at Teesside University, where he has taught for over twenty-five years. He has published over thirty journal papers, successfully supervised more than ten PhDs, and is currently involved with developments in web services and rich client applications.

JO CLAY completed a multimedia master's degree at Teesside University, under the supervision of Clive Fencott, before joining the games analysis team. As a gamer herself and apprentice semiotician, Jo assisted in the development of the Game Invaders method for application in computer software.

PAUL MASSEY, CEng, MBCS, CITP, is a senior lecturer in computing at Teesside University, where he teaches and consults on databases. Paul believes databases are central to most IT systems and applies techniques (such as data mining) to a range of disciplines (such as games analysis and decision support).