Oats Nutrition and Technology

Oats Nutrition and Technology

Editor(s): YiFang Chu

Published Online: 15 NOV 2013 09:36PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118354117

Online ISBN: 9781118354100

DOI: 10.1002/9781118354100

About this Book

A considerable amount of research has emerged in recent years on the science, technology and health effects of oats but, until now, no book has gathered this work together. Oats Nutrition and Technology presents a comprehensive and integrated overview of the coordinated activities of nutritionists, plant scientists, food
scientists, policy makers, and the private sector in developing oat products for optimal health.

Readers will gain a good understanding of the value of best agricultural production and processing practices that are important in the oats food system. The book reviews agricultural practices for the production of oat products, the food science involved in the processing of oats, and the nutrition science aimed at understanding and advancing the health effects of oats and how they can affect nutrition policies. There are individual chapters that
summarize oat breeding and processing, the many bioactive compounds that oats contain, and their health benefits. With respect to the latter, the health benefits of oats and oat constituents on chronic diseases, obesity, gut health, metabolic syndromes, and skin health are reviewed. The book concludes with a global summary of food labelling practices that are particularly relevant to oats.

Oats Nutrition and Technology offers in-depth information about the life cycle of oats for nutrition, food and agricultural scientists and health practitioners interested in this field. It is intended to provoke thought and stimulate readers to address the many research challenges associated with the oat life cycle and food system.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Oat Breeding, Processing, and Product Production

  3. Part III: Oat Nutrition and Chemistry

    1. Chapter 5

      Oat Starch (pages 95–121)

      Prabhakar Kasturi and Nicolas Bordenave

  4. Part IV: Emerging Nutrition and Health Research

  5. Part V: Public Health Policies and Consumer Response

  6. Part VI: Future Recommendations

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