Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels, Second Edition

Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels, Second Edition

Editor(s): Gary S. Hoffman, Cornelia M. Weyand, Carol A. Langford, Jörg J. Goronzy

Published Online: 3 MAY 2012 02:49AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781444338225

Online ISBN: 9781118355244

DOI: 10.1002/9781118355244

About this Book

In recent years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the vasculitic diseases, largely due to the introduction of effective treatments for diseases that were once uniformly fatal, the conduct of structured clinical studies, and advances in immunology and molecular biology. Despite these achievements, the vasculitic diseases continue to be associated with morbidity and mortality from chronic organ damage, relapses, and the side effects of treatment. Investigations into the mechanisms of vascular inflammation may lead to a better comprehension of the pathogenesis of vasculitic diseases and to treatment that is more effective and less toxic. These areas of promising research, together with current knowledge about the vasculitic diseases, are extensively examined in this new edition, which is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the science and clinical consequences of vascular inflammation in health and disease.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Biology of Blood Vessels and Mechanisms of Vascular Inflammation

    1. Chapter 2

      Vascular Repair (pages 15–27)

      Christian Troidl, Kerstin Troidl, Georg Jung, Thomas Schmitz-Rixen and Wolfgang Schaper

    2. Chapter 6

      Autoantibodies and Vascular Inflammation (pages 61–70)

      Abraham Rutgers, Jan S. F. Sanders, Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert and Cees G. M. Kallenberg

    3. Chapter 8

      Cytokines and Vascular Inflammation (pages 82–93)

      Maria C. Cid, Marc Corbera-Bellalta, Ester Planas-Rigol, Ester Lozano, Georgina Espígol-Frigolé, Ana García-Martínez, José Hernández-Rodríguez and Marta Segarra

  2. Part II: Primary Autoimmune Vascular Disease

    1. Chapter 25

      Takayasu's Arteritis (pages 276–288)

      Kathleen Maksimowicz-Mckinnon and Gary S. Hoffman

    2. Chapter 26

      Behçet's Syndrome (pages 289–298)

      Yusuf Yazici, Ismail Simsek and Hasan Yazici

  3. Part III: Secondary Causes of Vasculitis

    1. Chapter 35

      Rheumatoid Vasculitis (pages 392–402)

      Kimberly P. Liang, Carl Turesson and Larry W. Moreland

  4. Part IV: Recognizing Risks and Treating Damage from Vasculitis

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