The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates: Models for Marine Plankton

The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates: Models for Marine Plankton

Editor(s): John R. Dolan, David J. S. Montagnes, Sabine Agatha, D. Wayne Coats, Diane K. Stoecker

Print ISBN: 9780470671511

Online ISBN: 9781118358092

DOI: 10.1002/9781118358092

Author Biography

About the Author

John Dolan has worked on plankton ecology for over 25 years in systems ranging from eutrophic estuaries to the oligotrophic South Pacific. His research subjects are plankton protists, especially ciliates and dinoflagellates and research topics are biodiversity, species packing, and the relationships of form and function.

David Montagnes is an aquatic ecologist. He combines modelling, laboratory, and field studies investigations into the ecophysiology and behaviour of protists- aquatic taxa forming a rich assemblage and occupying environmentally important niches. His research themes include the flow of energy and biomass in ecosystems and how abiotic and biotic properties and anthropogenic perturbations alter individuals, populations, and ecosystems.

Sabine Agatha is a ciliate taxonomist. She has spent over 20 years describing and classifying ciliates mostly from marine habitats by combining morphologic and genetic approaches. The biodiversity, evolution, and biogeography of ciliates are her main research topics. 

Wayne Coats is a recently retired protistologist. His research encompasses ecology, morphology, life history, and taxonomy of dinoflagellates and ciliates. Parasitism and mixotrophy are featured themes of his work. 

Diane Stoecker is a biological oceanographer. Her laboratory and field projects focus on microzooplankton and their grazing on phytoplankton and role as prey for copepods and other mesozooplankton. Plastid retention and mixotrophy in ciliates and dinoflagellates and their effects on population dynamics and trophic transfer are other favorite research topics.