The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates: Models for Marine Plankton

The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates: Models for Marine Plankton

Editor(s): John R. Dolan, David J. S. Montagnes, Sabine Agatha, D. Wayne Coats, Diane K. Stoecker

Print ISBN: 9780470671511

Online ISBN: 9781118358092

DOI: 10.1002/9781118358092


"This publication should be a very useful resource for marine planktologists of any stripe!."  (The Quarterly Review of Biology, 1 September 2015)

"I expect that it will serve as an important reference for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for researchers dealing with plankton in general. And I am quite certain that it will also be used by skilled zooplanktologists, lecturers of zoology and plankton ecology, and others because this book offers them the first and foremost source to look for information on tintinnids."  (Marine Ecology, 22 November 2013)

"This is a highly specialised book produced by a number of dedicated contributors from several countries including the USA, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and the UK. It is clearly an important reference book on this subject."  (Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 30 October 2013)

"This is a good book. The individual chapters are well-written and authoritative . . . However, since the book treats all aspects of an important group of microzooplankton emphasizing functional biology and its role in plankton ecosystems, it should also be of value to all interested in biological oceanography."  (Marine Biology Research, 1 May 2013)

"This well-produced, well-referenced book provides a great resource for both protozoologists and marine plankton ecologists . . . The book should stimulate much thought and future research not only on tintinnids, but also on marine protists in general."  (Oceanography, 1 March 2013)

"I enjoyed reading this book. As a synthesis of what we know and do not know about a particular group of protists, this book is unique in its breadth of coverage. Consequently, I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in tintinnids and other ciliates-it belongs in your personal library."  (The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 1 May 2013)

"In summary, this is a unique and valuable addition to the literature on marine plankton and a comprehensive text for graduates, PhD students and even non-specialized seasoned scientists."  (Scientia Marina, 1 June 2013)

"The best works of science and art open our minds to new possibilities and inspire us to create yet more. This compendium of tintinnid science certainly fits that definition and merits a place in your own stack of current reading.  Enjoy!."  (Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 1 June 2013)

"Overall, I found The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates to be well worth the read. I would recommend it to anyone whose interests include the plankton. Furthermore, as an amalgamation of more than a century's worth of tintinnid research, it should prove a valuable resource on the bookshelves of zooplankton ecologists and particularly those who study microzooplankton or ciliates."  (Estuaries & Coasts, 8 June 2013)  

"I highly recommend this book to all researchers of tintinnids and would also strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of an important group of marine microplankton."  (Journal of Plankton Research, 1 April 2012)

"Overall, after reading the book I had the impression I learned quite a lot, especially from those chapters that are out my specialty.  I also appreciated that the text emphasizes the many things we do not know about this important group of marine heterotrophs." (Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin, 1 February 2013)