Magnesium Technology 2012

Magnesium Technology 2012

Editor(s): Suveen N. Mathaudhu, Wim H. Sillekens, Neale R. Neelameggham, Norbert Hort

Published Online: 15 MAY 2012 09:51AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118291214

Online ISBN: 9781118359228

DOI: 10.1002/9781118359228

About this Book

Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Magnesium Committee of the Light Metals Division of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

Held during TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA
March 11-15,2012

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Magnesium Technology 2012: Plenary Session

    1. Solid State Joining of Magnesium to Steel (pages 11–16)

      Saumyadeep Jana, Yuri Hovanski, Siva P Pilli, David P Field, Hao Yu, Tsung-Yu Pan and M L Santella

  2. Part II: Magnesium Technology 2012: Primary Production

    1. Carbothermal Production of Magnesium: CSIRO's MagSonic™ 8482; Process (pages 29–35)

      Leon H. Prentice, Michael W. Nagle, Timothy R. D. Barton, Steven Tassios, Benny T. Kuan, Peter J. Witt and Ken K. Constanti-Carey

  3. Part III: Magnesium Technology 2012: Deformation Mechanisms

    1. Anomalous Twin Bands in AZ31 Mg Sheet Bending (pages 87–92)

      J.C. Baird, B. Li, S. Yazdan Parast, S.J. Horstemeyer, H. El Kadiriu, P. Wang and M.F. Horstemeyer

    2. Non-Basal Textures in Magnesium Alloy Strips by Extrusion-Machining (pages 121–125)

      Dinakar Sagapuram, Mert Efe, Wilfredo Moscoso, Srinivasan Chandrasekar and Kevin P. Trumble

  4. Part IV: Magnesium Technology 2012: Casting and Solidification

  5. Part V: Magnesium Technology 2012: Alloy and Microstructural Design

  6. Part VI: Magnesium Technology 2012: Corrosion and Coating

  7. Part VII: Magnesium Technology 2012: High Temperature Processing and Properties

    1. The Effects of Strain and Stress State in Hot Forming of Mg AZ31 Sheet (pages 301–306)

      Paul A. Sherek, Alexander J. Carpenter, Louis G. Hector, Paul E. Krajewski, Jon T. Carter, Joshua Lasceski and Eric M. Taleft

    2. Effect of Strain Rate on Dynamic Recrystallization in a Magnesium Alloy under Compression at High Temperature (pages 307–310)

      Q. Ma, B. Li, A.L. Oppedal, W. Whittington, S.J. Horstemeyer, E.B. Marin, H. El. Kadiri, P.T. Wang and M.F. Horstemeyer

  8. Part VIII: Magnesium Technology 2012: Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships I

  9. Part IX: Magnesium Technology 2012: Advanced Processing and Joining

  10. Part X: Magnesium Technology 2012: Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships II

  11. Part XI: Magnesium Technology 2012: Energy and Biomedical/Primary Production

  12. Part XII: Magnesium Technology 2012: Poster Session

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