Light Metals 2012

Light Metals 2012

Editor(s): Carlos E. Suarez

Published Online: 23 MAY 2012 08:13AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118291399

Online ISBN: 9781118359259

DOI: 10.1002/9781118359259

About this Book

An update of the definitive annual reference source in the field of aluminum production and related light metals technologies, a great mix of materials science and practical, applied technology surrounding aluminum, bauxite, aluminum reduction, rolling, casting, and production.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Bauxite Digestion

    1. Mechanochemical Activation to Bauxite (pages 27–32)

      Fernanda A. N. G. Silva, Carla N. Barbato, Rachel D. Santos, Diego S. G. de Almeida, João A. Sampaio, Marta. E. Medeiros and Francisco M. S. Garrido

    2. Turkey Morcukur Bauxite Processing at ETI Aluminium (pages 57–60)

      Meral Baygul, Sedat Arslan, Burak Ozen, Serkan Ertugral and Carlos E Suarez

  2. Part II: Red Mud Bauxite Residue

    1. Tests with New Flocculant for Red Mud Decanting in Alunorte (pages 67–70)

      Juracy Filho, Tatiani Santos, Humberto Lima, Américo Borges, Juarez Borges, Frederico Giust and Alexandre Rabaça

    2. ETI Aluminum Red Mud Characterization and Processing (pages 81–85)

      Sedat Arslan, Gokhan Kursat Demir, Bekir Celikel, Meral Baygul and Carlos E Suarez

    3. Directions for Large Scale Utilization of Bauxite Residue (pages 93–98)

      Andrey Panov, Gennadiy Klimentenok, Gennadiy Podgorodetskiy and Vladislav Gorbunov

    4. Production of Pig Iron from NALCO Redmud by Application of Plasma Smelting Technology (pages 99–103)

      Parth Sarathi Mukherjee, Bhagyadhar Bhoi, Chitta Ranjan Mishra, Ramani Ranjan Dash, Bijaya Kumar Satapathy and Kalidas Jayasankar

  3. Part III: Hydrate Precipitation, Calcination and Environment

    1. Physical Simulation on Mixing Uniformity in Seed Precipitation Tank (pages 113–117)

      Liu Yan, Zhao Hongliang, Zhang Ting'an, Zhao Qiuyue, Wang Shuchan, Gu Songqing, He Jicheng and Zhang Chao

    2. Precipitation Area Upgrade at ETI Aluminum (pages 129–133)

      Bekir Çelikel, Gokhan Kurşat Demir, Murat Kayaci, Meral Baygul and Carlos E Suarez

  4. Part IV: Energy and Processing Alternative Rawmaterials

  5. Part XV: Poster Session

    1. Acid Cleaning of Titanium Based Scales Formed on Preheaters in the Bayer Process (pages 225–228)

      İbrahim Haktan Akpinar, Oktay Uysal, Yücel Çahin, Yasemin Güldogan, Gökhan Kürsat Demîr and Meral Baygül

  6. Part VI: Rolling

  7. Part VII: General

  8. Part VIII: Casting

    1. The Development and Validation of a New Thermodynamic Database for Aluminium Alloys (pages 291–295)

      A. Markström, Y Du, S. H. Liu, L. J. Zhang, P. Mason, L. Kjellqvist, J. Bratberg, A. Engström and Q. Chen

    2. Effect of Solid Particles on Fluidity of Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloy Slurry (pages 297–301)

      Yuichiro Murakami, Kenji Miwa, Masayuki Kito, Takashi Honda, Keigo Yorioka, Naoyuki Kanetake and Shuji Tada

  9. Part IX: Development and Application

  10. Part X: Solidification

  11. Part XI: Thermal Mechanical Processing

  12. Part XII: Solutioning and Aging Behaviours

  13. Part XIII: Material Characterization

    1. Studies on Flow Characteristics at High-Pressure Die-Casting (pages 441–447)

      Christian. M. Chimani, Richard Kretz, Simon Schneiderbauer, Stefan Puttinger and Stefan Pirker

    2. Electrohydraulic Sheet Metal Forming of Aluminum Panels (pages 449–454)

      John J.F. Bonnen, Sergey F. Golovashchenko, Scott A. Dawson, Alexander V. Mamutov and Alan J. Gillard

  14. Part XIV: Emerging Technologies

  15. Part XVI: Environment I

    1. Electrolytic Cell Gas Cooling Upstream of Treatment Center (pages 545–550)

      SOLIOS ENVIRONNEMENT, El Hani Bouhabila, Bernard Cloutier, Thierry Malard, Philippe Martineau and Hugues Vendette

    2. HF Emission Reduction from Anode Butts Using Covered Trays (pages 557–560)

      Jean-Pierre Gagné, René Minville, Neal R Dando, Mike Gershenzon, Steve Lindsay, Harold Frenette, Alain Moras and Gilles Dufour

  16. Part XVII: Energy Saving

    1. Improved Energy Management during Anode Setting Activity (pages 587–590)

      Ali Jassim Banjab, Gregory Meintjes, Jose Blasques, Mohammed Sadiq, Arvind Kumar, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf and Ali. H. A. M. Al Zarouni

    2. Experimental Studies of the Impact of Anode Pre-Heating (pages 595–600)

      Otavio Fortini, Srinivas Garimella, Edwin Kuhn, Yimin Ruan, Benyam Yacob and Jack Sorensen

  17. Part XVIII: Anode Effect, Process Control

    1. Latest Results from PFC Investigation in China (pages 617–622)

      Li Wangxing, Chen Xiping, Yang Jianhong, Hu Changping, Liu Yonggang, Li Defeng and Guo Huifang

    2. Multivariate Statistical Investigation of Carbon Consumption for HSS Reduction Cell (pages 643–647)

      Tatyana V. Piskazhova, Peter V. Polyakov, Nikita A. Sharypov, Alexander V. Krasovitsky and Sergey A. Sorokin

    3. Experiences with Alstom's New Alfeed System at Emal (pages 649–653)

      Sivert Ose, Bjorn Leikvang, Sunny John Mathew, Geir Wedde, Anders Sørhuus and Odd Bjarno

    4. Computer Algorithm to Predict Anode Effect Events (pages 655–656)

      Fernando da Costa, Leonardo Paulino, Carlos Braga, Rodrigo Ramada and Ivar Sousa

  18. Part XIX: Cell Fundamentals, Phenomena and Alternatives I

  19. Part XX: Cell Technology and Operation

    1. DX+, An Optimized Version of DX Technology (pages 695–702)

      Ali Zarouni, Abdalla Zarouni, Nadia Ahli, Sergey Akhmetov, Ibrahim Baggash, Lalit Mishra, Amal Al Jasmi, Marwan Bastaki and Michel Reverdy

    2. The Successful Implementation of DUBAL DX Technology at EMAL (pages 715–720)

      Ali AI Zarouni, Miche Reverdy, Abdalla AI Zarouni, Kamel AI Aswad, Nadia Ahli, Marwan Bastaki, Amal Al Jasmi, B. K. Kakkar, David Spencer and Walid Al Sayed

    3. Update on the Development of D18 Cell Technology at Dubai (pages 727–731)

      Daniel Whitfield, Tariq Majeed, Sergey Akhmetov, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, Kamel Al-Aswad, Ibrahim Baggash and Ali Al-Zarouni

    4. Vertical Stud Soderberg Technology Development by UC RUSAL in 2004-2010 (pages 743–748)

      Victor Buzunov, Victor Mann, Evgeniy Chichuk, Nikolay Pitercev, Igor Cherskikh and Vladimir Frizorger

    5. Vertical Stud Søderberg Technology Development by UC Rusal in 2004 – 2010 (Part 2 – Eco-Søderberg Technology) (pages 749–753)

      Vladimir Frizorger, Victor Mann, Evgeniy Chichuk, Victor Buzunov, Elena Marakushina, Nikolay Pitercev, Igor Cherskikh and Eduard Gilderbrandt

  20. Part XXI: Cell Fundamentals, Phenomena and Alternatives II

    1. Reduction of the Operating Temperature of Aluminium Electrolysis: Low-Temperature Electrolyte (pages 783–786)

      Alexey Apisarov, Juan Barreiro, Alexander Dedyukhin, Leopoldo Galán, Alexander Redkin, Olga Tkacheva and Yuri Zaikov

    2. Specific Molecular Features of Potassium-Containing Cryolite Melts (pages 787–791)

      Galina Tsirlina, Evgeny Antipov, Dmitrii Glukhov, Alexander Gusev, Veronika Laurinavichute, Renat Nazmutdinov, Dmitry Simakov, Sergey Vassiliev and Tamara Zinkicheva

    3. Micro-Raman Spectra Research on NaF-AlF3-NaCl Melts (pages 799–802)

      Hu Xianwei, Liu Jingjing, Li Huan, Gao Bingliang, Shi Zhongning, Yu Yaxin and Wang Zhaowen

  21. Part XXII: Environment II

    1. HEX Retrofit Enables Smelter Capacity Expansion (pages 815–820)

      Hussain Ali Al Qassab, Sayed Salah Aqeel Ali Mohd, Geir Wedde and Anders Sørhuus

    2. A Method for Comparing the HF Formation Potential of Aluminas with Different Water Contents (pages 827–832)

      Camilla Sommerseth, Karen Sende Osen, Christian Rosenkilde, Astrid J. Meyer, Linda T. Kristiansen and Thor Anders Aarhaug

  22. Part XXIII: Modelling I

    1. Electromagnetic and MHD Study to Improve Cell Performance of an End-to-End 86 kA Potline (pages 853–858)

      Amit Gupta, Manoj Chulliparambil, Sankar Namboothiri, Satheesh Mani, Biswajit Basu and Jinil Janardhanan

  23. Part XXIV: Equipment

    1. Integrated Desalination and Primary Aluminium Production (pages 887–894)

      Anders Kenneth Sorhuus, Geir Wedde, Dario Breschi, Nolwenn Favel and Guillaume Girault

    2. Potline Open Circuit Protection (pages 913–916)

      Dominique Duval, Michel Jacon, Andy Johnston, Didier Lamant, Pierre Marcellin, Roland Mathevon and Laurent Troubat

  24. Part XXV: Modelling II and Measurement

  25. Part XXVI: Grain Refinement and Castings

  26. Part XXVII: Furnace

  27. Part XVIII: Dross and Melt Quality Control

    1. Study of Ni-Impurity Removal from Al Melt (pages 1091–1097)

      M.A. Rhamdhani, M.A. Dewan, J. Mitchell, C.J. Davidson, G.A. Brooks, M. Easton and J.F. Grandfield

  28. Part XXIX: Direct-Chill Casting and Microstructures

  29. Part XXX: Paste Plant Design and Improvement

    1. Improvement of Anode Paste Quality and Performance of ALCOA Lista (pages 1159–1163)

      Nils Einar Saue, Jon Ola Ystgaard, Jon-Inge Johannessen, Markus W. Meier and Raymond C. Perruchoud

  30. Part XXXI: Bake Oven Design and Improvement

    1. Anode Quality and Bake Furnace Performance of EMAL (pages 1174–1179)

      Raia Javed Akhtar, Markus W. Meier, Peter O. Sulger, Werner K. Fischer, Ralph Friedrich and Thomas Janousch

  31. Part XXXII: Carbon Materials for Anode and Cathode

    1. Prebaked Anode from Coal Extract (3) – Carbonization Properties of Hypercoal and its Blends with Binder Pitch (pages 1219–1221)

      Maki Hamaguchi, Noriyuki Okuyama, Takahiro Shishido, Koji, Sakai, Nobuyuki Komatsu, Naoki Kikuchi, Toshinori Inoue, Jiro Koide and Hideki Kasahara

  32. Part XXXIII: Characterization of Anode Materials

    1. New Method for Representative Measurement of Anode Electrical Resistance (pages 1299–1302)

      M. J. Chollier-Brym, D. Laroche, A. Alexandre, M. Landry, C. Simard, L. Simard and D. Ringuette

    2. Aluminum Electrolysis Anti-Oxidation Coating Carbon Anode (pages 1307–1309)

      Shaohua Yang, Fengli Yang, Lin Wu, Mingzhou Li, Xianwei Hu, Zhaowen Wang, Zhongning Shi and Bingliang Gao

  33. Part XXXIV: Characterization of Cathode Materials

    1. Characterization of Carbon Cathode Materials by X-Ray Microtomography (pages 1325–1329)

      Martin Brassard, Martin Lebeuf, Alexandre Blais, Loig Rivoaland, Martin Désilets and Gervais Soucy

    2. Investigation of the Cathode Wear Mechanism in a Laboratory Test Cell (pages 1349–1354)

      Kati Tschöpe, Anne Store, Stein Rorvik, Asbjørn Solheim, Egil Skybakmoen, Tor Grande and Arne Petter Ratvik

  34. Part XXXV: Inert Anode and Wettable Cathode Materials

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