Cognitive Communications: Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Regulatory Policy & Economics, Implementation

Cognitive Communications: Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Regulatory Policy & Economics, Implementation

Editor(s): David Grace, Honggang Zhang

Published Online: 24 JUL 2012 04:06AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119951506

Online ISBN: 9781118360316

DOI: 10.1002/9781118360316

About this Book

This book discusses in-depth the concept of distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) and its application to cognitive communications

In this book, the authors present an overview of cognitive communications, encompassing both cognitive radio and cognitive networks, and also other application areas such as cognitive acoustics. The book also explains the specific rationale for the integration of different forms of distributed artificial intelligence into cognitive communications, something which is often neglected in many forms of technical contributions available today. Furthermore, the chapters are divided into four disciplines: wireless communications, distributed artificial intelligence, regulatory policy and economics and implementation. The book contains contributions from leading experts (academia and industry) in the field.

Key Features:

  • Covers the broader field of cognitive communications as a whole, addressing application to communication systems in general (e.g. cognitive acoustics and Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI)
  • Illustrates how different DAI based techniques can be used to self-organise the radio spectrum
  • Explores the regulatory, policy and economic issues of cognitive communications in the context of secondary spectrum access
  • Discusses application and implementation of cognitive communications techniques in different application areas (e.g. Cognitive Femtocell Networks (CFN)
  • Written by experts in the field from both academia and industry

Cognitive Communications will be an invaluable guide for research community (PhD students, researchers) in the areas of wireless communications, and development engineers involved in the design and development of mobile, portable and fixed wireless systems., wireless network design engineer. Undergraduate and postgraduate students on elective courses in electronic engineering or computer science, and the research and engineering community will also find this book of interest.  

Table of contents

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  1. Part One: Introduction

  2. Part Two: Wireless Communications

  3. Part Three: Application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence

    1. Chapter 6

      Machine Learning Applied to Cognitive Communications (pages 143–162)

      Aimilia Bantouna, Kostas Tsagkaris, Vera Stavroulaki, Panagiotis Demestichas and Giorgos Poulios

    2. Chapter 9

      Learning Techniques for Context Diagnosis and Prediction in Cognitive Communications (pages 231–256)

      Aimilia Bantouna, Kostas Tsagkaris, Vera Stavroulaki, Giorgos Poulios and Panagiotis Demestichas

  4. Part Four: Regulatory Policy and Economics

  5. Part Five: Implementation

    1. Chapter 15

      CMOS RF Transceiver Considerations for DSA (pages 417–464)

      Mark S. Oude Alink, Eric A. M. Klumperink, André B. J. Kokkeler, Gerard J. M. Smit and Bram Nauta

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