Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains: Co-Existence and Traceability

Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains: Co-Existence and Traceability

Editor(s): Yves Bertheau

Published Online: 2 OCT 2012

Print ISBN: 9781444337785

Online ISBN: 9781118373781

DOI: 10.1002/9781118373781

About this Book

In the European Union nations, and other countries including Japan, Australia and Malaysia, it is a legal requirement that food products containing genetically modified organism (GMO) materials are labelled as such in order that customers may make informed purchasing decisions. For manufacturers and consumers to be confident about these assertions, systems must be in place along the entire food chain which support the co-existence of GM and non GM materials whilst maintaining a strict segregation between the two.

This book is an output of a European Union-funded project entitled "Co-Extra: GM and non-GM food and feed supply chains: their Co-Existence and Traceability". The objective of this four year project is to provide practical tools and methods for implementing co-existence that will:

  • enable the co-existence of genetically modified (GM) and non-GM crops
  • enable the segregation and tracing of genetically modified organism (GMO) materials and derived products along the food and feed chains
  • anticipate the future expansion of the use of GMOs

The project is designed to foster a robustly science-based debate amongst all of the stakeholders involved in the food and feed chains, and the tools will be assessed not only from a technical point of view but with regard to the economic and legal aspects. It also surveys the GMO-related legal regimes and practices that exist in and beyond the EU.

This book examines the practical tools and methods available to implement the co-existence and traceability of GM and non-GM food materials along the entire food and feed chains, as demanded by consumers and by legislation in force in the EU and elsewhere. GM and Non-GM Supply Foods is a source of valuable information for food manufacturers, food research institutions and regulatory bodies internationally.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Introduction

  2. Part 2: Managing Gene Flow

    1. Chapter 6

      Long-Distance Pollen Flow in Large Fragmented Landscapes (pages 79–87)

      Y. Brunet, S. Dupont, S. Delage, D. Garrigou, D. Guyon, S. Dayau, P. Tulet, J.-P. Pinty, C. Lac, J. Escobar, A. Audran and X. Foueillassar

  3. Part 3: Co-Existence in Food and Feed Supply Chains

    1. Chapter 10

      Empirical Analysis of Co-Existence in Commodity Supply Chains (pages 141–160)

      N. Gryson, M. Eeckhout, A. Messéan, L-g. Soler, B. Lécroart, A. Trouillier, M. le bail, J. Bez, R. Bourgier, J. Copeland, M. Gylling, M. Maciejczak, V. Meglič, K. Menrad, A. Gabriel, M. Stolze, C. Tapia, G. Ghezan, V. Pelaez and R. Rocha dos Santos

    2. Chapter 12

      Costs of Segregation and Traceability Between GM and Non-GM Supply Chains of Single Crop and Compound Food/Feed Products (pages 177–191)

      K. Menrad, A. Gabriel, J. Bez, M. Gylling, A. Larsen, M. Maciejczak, M. Stolze, N. Gryson, M. Eeckhout, N. Pensel, R. Rocha dos Santos and A. Messéan

  4. Part 4: Traceability and Controls in Food and Feed Supply Chains

    1. Chapter 15

      GMO Sampling Strategies in Food and Feed Chains (pages 243–272)

      R. Onori, J. Šuštar-Vozlič, G. Bellocchi, G. Berben, A. Blejec, C. Brera, Z. Čergan, M. Debeljak, M. De Giacomo, M. De Vivo, T. Esteve, E. Janssen, P. Kozjak, F. Leprince, R. Macarthur, A. Malcevschi, N. Marmiroli, V. Meglič, E. Melé, J. Messeguer, M. Miraglia, A. Nadal, R. Oger, E. Palmaccio, M. Pla, V. Planchon, E. Prantera, K. Rostohar and B. Vrščaj

    2. Chapter 16

      Harmonised Reference Genes and PCR Assays for GMO Quantification (pages 273–292)

      I. Taverniers, N. Papazova, T. Allnutt, S. Baumler, Y. Bertheau, T. Esteve, R. Freyer, K. Gruden, B. Kuznetzov, J. Luis La Paz, A. Nadal, M. Pla, J. Vojvoda, D. Wulff and D. Zhang

    3. Chapter 17

      The Modular Approach in GMO Quality Control and Enforcement Support Systems (pages 293–306)

      M. Van den Bulcke, G. Bellocchi, G. Berben, M. Burns, K. Cankar, M. De Giacomo, K. Gruden, A. Holst-Jensen, A. Malcewsky, M. Mazzara, R. Onori, N. Papazova, E. Parlouer, I. Taverniers, S. Trapmann, D. Wulff and D. Zhang

    4. Chapter 18

      Reliability and Cost of GMO Detection (pages 307–332)

      K. Gruden, T. R. Allnutt, M. Ayadi, S. Baeumler, C. Bahrdt, G. Berben, K. G. Berdal, Y. Bertheau, C. Bøydler Andersen, P. Brodmann, M. Buh Gašparič, M. J. Burns, A. M. Burrel, K. Cankar, T. Esteve, A. Holst-Jensen, A. B. Kristoffersen, J. La Paz, D. Lee, A. Løvseth, R. Macarthur, D. Morisset, M. Pla, R. B. Rud, C. Skjœret, T. Tengs, H. Valdivia, D. Wulff, D. Zhang and J. Žel

    5. Chapter 19

      New Multiplexing Tools for Reliable GMO Detection (pages 333–366)

      M. Pla, A. Nadal, V. Baeten, C. Bahrdt, G. Berben, Y. Bertheau, A. Coll, J. P. van Dijk, D. Dobnik, J. A. Fernandez Pierna, K. Gruden, S. Hamels, A. Holck, A. Holst-Jensen, E. Janssen, E. J. Kok, J. L. La Paz, V. Laval, S. Leimanis, A. Malcevschi, N. Marmiroli, D. Morisset, T. W. Prins, J. Remacle, G. Ujhelyi and D. Wulff

    6. Chapter 20

      Towards Detection of Unknown GMOs (pages 367–382)

      A. Holst-Jensen, K. G. Berdal, Y. Bertheau, M. Bohanec, J. Bohlin, M. Chaouachi, K. Gruden, S. Hamels, E. J. Kok, A. Krech, A. B. Kristoffersen, V. Laval, S. Leimanis, M. Løvoll, D. Morisset, A. Nemeth, N. Papazova, T. W. Prins, J. Remacle, P. Richl, T. Ruttink, I. Taverniers, T. Tengs, J. P. van Dijk, D. Wulff, J. Žel, H. Zhang and M. Žnidaršič

    7. Chapter 21

      Method Validation and Reference Materials (pages 383–401)

      G. Bellocchi, Y. Bertheau, M. De Giacomo, A. Holst-Jensen, R. Macarthur, M. Mazzara, R. Onori, I. Taverniers, M. van den Bulcke and S. Trapmann

  5. Part 5: Legal Regimes, Liability and Redress Issues

  6. Part 6: Data Integration and DSS

    1. Chapter 25

      The Co-Extra Decision Support System: A Model-Based Integration of Project Results (pages 459–489)

      M. Bohanec, Y. Bertheau, C. Brera, K. Gruden, A. Holst-Jensen, E.J. Kok, B. Lécroart, A. Messéan, M. Miraglia, R. Onori, T.W. Prins, L-g. Soler and M. Žnidaršič

  7. Part 7: Related Issues

  8. Part 8: Conclusion

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