Responsive Membranes and Materials

Responsive Membranes and Materials

Editor(s): D. Bhattacharyya, Thomas Schäfer, S. R. Wickramasinghe, Sylvia Daunert

Published Online: 22 NOV 2012 12:12AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470974308

Online ISBN: 9781118389553

DOI: 10.1002/9781118389553

About this Book

The development of new multifunctional membranes and materials which respond to external stimuli, such as pH, temperature, light, biochemicals or magnetic or electrical signals, represents new approaches to separations, reactions, or recognitions. With multiple cooperative functions, responsive membranes and materials have applications which range from biopharmaceutical, to drug delivery systems to water treatment.

This book covers recent advances in the generation and application of responsive materials and includes:

  • Development and design of responsive membranes and materials
  • Carbon nanotube membranes
  • Tunable separations, reactions and nanoparticle synthesis
  • Responsive membranes for water treatment
  • Pore-filled membranes for drug release
  • Biologically-inspired responsive materials and hydrogels
  • Biomimetic polymer gels

Responsive Membranes and Materials provides a cutting-edge resource for researchers and scientists in membrane science and technology, as well as specialists in separations, biomaterials, bionanotechnology, drug delivery, polymers, and functional materials.

Table of contents

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