Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective

Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective

Editor(s): Naveen K. Sharma, Ashwani K. Rai, Lucas J. Stal

Published Online: 30 NOV 2013 01:54PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119941279

Online ISBN: 9781118402238

DOI: 10.1002/9781118402238

About this Book

Written by leading experts in the field, Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective is a comprehensive edited volume covering all areas of an important field and its application to energy, medicine and agriculture.

Issues related to environment, food and energy have presented serious challenge to the stability of nation-states. Increasing global population, dwindling agriculture and industrial production, and inequitable distribution of resources and technologies have further aggravated the problem. The burden placed by increasing population on environment and especially on agricultural productivity is phenomenal. To provide food and fuel to such a massive population, it becomes imperative to find new ways and means to increase the production giving due consideration to biosphere's ability to regenerate resources and provide ecological services.

Cyanobacteria are environment friendly resource for commercial production of active biochemicals, drugs and future energy (biodiesel, bioethanol and hydrogen).

Topics on isolation, identification and classification of cyanobacteria are discussed, as well as further sections on: summarizing a range of useful products synthesized by cyanobacteria, ecological services provided by cyanobacteria including their harmful effect in water bodies and associated flora and fauna. Chapter on tools, techniques, and patents also focus on the economic importance of the group. This book also provides an insight for future perspectives in each particular field and an extensive bibliography.

This book will be a highly useful resource for students, researchers and professionals in academics in the life sciences including microbiology and biotechnology. 

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Biology and Classification of Cyanobacteria

  2. Part II: Ecological Services Rendered by Cyanobacteria

    1. Chapter 4

      Cyanobacteria and carbon sequestration (pages 65–71)

      Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, Leila Queiroz Zepka and Maria Isabel Queiroz

  3. Part III: Cyanobacterial Products

  4. Part IV: Harmful Aspects

    1. Chapter 15

      Costs of harmful blooms of freshwater cyanobacteria (pages 245–256)

      David P. Hamilton, Susanna A. Wood, Daniel R. Dietrich and Jonathan Puddick

    2. Chapter 16

      Cyanotoxins (pages 257–268)

      Jason N. Woodhouse, Melissa Rapadas and Brett A. Neilan

  5. Part V: Tools, Techniques, and Patents

    1. Chapter 17

      Photobioreactors for cyanobacterial culturing (pages 270–292)

      A. Catarina Guedes, Nadpi G. Katkam, João Varela and Francisco Xavier Malcata

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