Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass III, Volume 141

Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass III, Volume 141

Editor(s): James R. Varner, Thomas P. Seward, Helmut A. Schaeffer

Published Online: 20 APR 2012 09:27AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781574981568

Online ISBN: 9781118405949

DOI: 10.1002/9781118405949

About this Book

Glass continues to be a material of great scientific and technological interest; however, the economic pressures on the glass industry, the emphasis on global markets, and the worldwide attention to energy and environmental conservation continue to increase. Forty-seven papers offer new solutions to the challenges of glass manufacturing, particularly as they pertain to melting and forming.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Advances in the Glass Melting Process

  2. Part II: Characterization of Glass Melts/Glass Melt Properties

  3. Part III: Materials for Glassmaking

    1. Analytical Models for High-Temperature Corrosion of Silica Refractories in Glass-Melting Furnaces (pages 161–178)

      M. D. Allendorf, R. H. Nilson, B. Bugeat, M. U. Ghani, O. Marin, A. Gupta, G.A. Pecoraro, K.E. Spear, P.M. Walsh and H. E. Wolfe

    2. Evaluation of Crown Refractories Under Oxyfuel Environment (pages 193–205)

      M. Velez, M. Karakus, X. Liang, W. L. Headrick, R. E. Moore, J. G. Hemrick and J. M. Almanza

  4. Part IV: Advances in Glass Forming

  5. Part V: Polyvalent Elements and Redox Behavior

    1. Decolorization of Amber Glass (pages 323–330)

      Douglas B. Rapp, Melissa A. Dorsey, Melissann M. Ashton-Patton and James E. Shelby

    2. Electrochemical Study in Molten Glasses of the Multivalent Systems of Nickel (pages 339–344)

      Bruno Gaillard-Allemand, Arnaud Littner, Renaud Podor, Christophe Rapin, Anne Vernière and Michel Vilasi

  6. Part VI: Effects of Composition and Forming on Structure and Properties

    1. Properties of Soda-Lime-Silica Glasses (pages 371–378)

      James E. Shelby, Melissa G. Mesko, Holly Shulman and Daniel L. Edson

  7. Part VII: Emissions, Recycling and Other Environmental Issues

  8. Part VIII: Computer Modeling and Process Control

    1. Sensor Development for the Glass Industry (pages 413–420)

      M. Velez, M. Karakus, W. L. Headrick, R. E. Moore, B. Varghese, R. Zoughi, S. Keyvan, H. Fan, R. A. Rossow, D. G. Robertson and J. M. Almanza

  9. Part IX: Secondary Processing

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