Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries IX, Volume 155

Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries IX, Volume 155

Editor(s): John D. Vienna, Dane R. Spearing

Published Online: 25 APR 2012 07:53AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781574982091

Online ISBN: 9781118407004

DOI: 10.1002/9781118407004

About this Book

In today's world of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, it is critical to identify and adequately address environmental issues in the ceramic industry to ensure success. In addition, ceramics and glasses play a critical role in the nuclear industry. Nuclear fuels and waste forms for low-level and high-level radioactive, mixed, and hazardous wastes are primarily either ceramic of glass. Effective and responsible environmental stewardship is becoming increasingly more important in the world. These proceedings detail the results of the ongoing effort in these areas.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Ceramics for Waste or Nuclear Applications

    1. Uranium Valences in Perovskite, CaTiO3 (pages 1–10)

      E. R. Vance, M. L. Carter, Z. Zhang, K. S. Finnie, S. J. Thomson and B. D. Begg

  2. Part II: Melter Processing and Process Monitoring

  3. Part III: Waste Vitrification Programs

    1. Examination of DWPF Melter Materials After 8 Years of Service (pages 217–226)

      Daniel C. Iverson, Kenneth J. Imrich, Dennis F. Bickford, James T. Gee, Charles F. Jenkins and Frank M. Heckendorn

    2. Cold Crucible Induction-Heated Melter Test Results with Surrogate Doe High-Level Wastes (pages 239–248)

      C.C. Herman, D.F. Bickford, D.K. Peeler, A. Aloy, D. Gombert, J. Richardson, R. Goles, J.D. Vienna and S. Stefanovsky

  4. Part IV: Glass Formulation and Property Models

    1. Composition Effects on the Vapor Hydration of Waste Glasses (pages 289–296)

      Andrew C. Buechele, Frank Lofaj, Isabelle S. Muller, Cavin T.F. Mooers and Ian L. Pegg

  5. Part V: Alternate Waste Forms and Processes

    1. Iron Phosphate Glass for Immobilization of Hanford Law (pages 307–318)

      C.W. Kim, D. Zhu, D.E. Day, D.-S. Kim, J.D. Vienna, D.K. Peeler, T.E. Day and T. Neidt

    2. Microstructure of Emulsion-Based Polymeric Waste forms for Encapsulating Low-Level, Radioactive and Toxic Metal Wastes (pages 331–340)

      Rachel Evans, Anh Quach, Guanguang (Gordon) Xia, Brian J.J. Zelinski, Wendell P. Ela, Dunbar P. Birnie III, A. Eduardo Sáez, Harry D. Smith and Gary L. Smith

    3. Leach Resistance of Encapsulated Salts in Polymeric Waste Forms Fabricated Using an Aqueous-Based Route (pages 341–349)

      Anh Quach, Gordon Xia, Rachel Evans, A. Eduardo Sáez, Brian J. Zelinski, Harry Smith, Gary Smith, Dunbar P. Birnie III and Wendell P. Ela

    4. Thermal Processing Optimization for Simulated Hanford Waste Glass (AZ 101) (pages 351–360)

      A. Giordana, W.G. Ramsey, T.F. Meaker, B. Kauffman, M. McCarthy, K. Guilbeau, J.D. Smith, F.S. Miller, T. Sanders, E.W. Bohannan, J. Powell, M. Reich, J. Jordan, L. Ventre, R.E. Barletta, A.A. Ramsey, G. Maise, B. Manowitz, M. Steinberg and F. Salzano

    5. Aging Behavior of a Sodalite Based Ceramic Waste form (pages 361–369)

      Jan-Fong Jue, Steven M. Frank, Thomas P. O'Holleran, Tanya L. Barber, Stephen G. Johnson, K. Michael Goff and Wharton Sinkler

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