Hemophilia and Hemostasis: A Case-Based Approach to Management

Hemophilia and Hemostasis: A Case-Based Approach to Management

Author(s): Alice D. Ma, Harold R. Roberts, Miguel A. Escobar

Published Online: 12 NOV 2012

Print ISBN: 9780470659762

Online ISBN: 9781118439289

DOI: 10.1002/9781118439289

About this Book

There is a general need amongst healthcare professionals for practical advice on the management of patients with bleeding disorders. This book is an essential resource for all those working in the fields of coagulation, hemostasis and thrombosis. It covers the major cases one might encounter in diagnosing, managing and treating hemophilia and hemostasis. It provides a practical and informative guide to the broad range of topics concerning both bleeding and clotting disorders.

 The book is divided into major chapter sections depending on the type of bleeding disorder it fits into. Each chapter includes a brief overview of the disorder covering: history of the disorder; molecular basis of the disorder; class presentation; genetics; current laboratory tests and monitoring. Cases associated with each disorder are presented alongside practical questions and answers from a wide range of contributors. As practice can vary from center to center, controversial areas are clearly marked and discussed throughout.

 New to this edition: coverage of the newer techniques; newer treatment modalities; new oral anticoagulants; update on hemophilia management; more on ITP and greater coverage of new cases as suggested by reviewers.

Table of contents